Friday, December 16, 2011

travel necessities:flight

Now that finals are over, our entire life is packed in boxes, and Adi is at my sisters for our trip; life is returning to a relative calm. But to make the 14 hour day we're going to spend on planes more enjoyable, I have a couple necessities I consider critical to travel with, and why not share them so you don't all think I've died? Exactly.

1. A chunk sweater to be comfy and cute during your journey, and not look frumpy. LC thank you.
2. Fashionable travel pillow that isn't one of those weird neck brace looking things.
3. Comfy shoes. Where would I be without my toms?!
4. A good book. See post below.
5. Some sugar to male me happy on the ride (thank goodness Starbucks are common outside of Utah). Double choco chip frappachino for me thank you.

Next time you guys hear from us we'll be in tropical Hawaii! Aloha!

 (At LAX. 1st layover.)

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Holiday Reading

I ordered this for our little vaca to Hawaii to read on the plane and the beach...

...I hope it holds up to all the claims of how amazing it is in comparison to Hunger Games. Someone mentioned violence? Is it yucky graphic? Anywho any other great book suggestions for the plane ride would be highly appreciated.

Friday, December 02, 2011


Found this and it made me laugh...and remember when I was in kindergarten and I thought the way to impress a boy so he'd like me was to be knowledgeable about his favorite TV shows. Looking back I may not have been so wrong...

Happy Weekend!