Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Graham Robert: 1 Month

My little monkey is 1 month old already I cannot believe it! How has it been a month since you were born already?? Time has flown by for sure. I love smelling your little head and stroking your little feet. You curl them up as tight as you can get them and scrunch your little toes, I love it! Hilton has taken to Graham very well and loves giving kisses on top of his head. He also gives him 'tickles' on the cheek or belly which is adorable. I love to see how Hilton looks at Graham and I know they will be the best of friends later on.

Currently Graham:

  • Weighs 10.4 lbs (up from almost 7 lbs at birth!)
  • Wearing Newborn size clothes
  • In size 1 Diapers
  • Eats 2.5 oz. every 2 hours - like a champ!
  • Only waking up at 2 and 5am
  • Starting to Coo and smile
  • Loves to be swaddled and kisses from his big brother
  • Talented with his little tongue
  • Still has his head full of hair - hoping it stays
  • Hates tummy time and his car seat
  • Nicknames include Graham-ster, The Grahams, Mr. Graham, Graham-man and Cracker

And a couple more because he's just such a cute little cracker!