Bucket List

Now that we're all big kids, we're...well...exactly that. Big kids. Just because we pay the bills that include scary things like car payments, and possible future house payments along with health insurance doesn't mean that we can't still have hopes and dreams we want to accopmlish. Even though that car payment is really scary. Being an adult is scary. So we need to have goals to do the things we want to do in life.

People who make Bucket List's are just overly ambitious right? That's what most people think about people who have huge long bucket lists. But no, I'd like to think of myself as a dreamer, a reacher, and a pusher. I may really just be big on lists, however I really think that "if you never write down a goal, it exists as merely a wish". And I want to be someone dies with no regrets and unfulfilled wishes.

That's my main reason to have a bucket list, to keep accomplishing my dreams when that scary house payment comes, and when kids come, and when we become empty nesters. So that when I get old and look back on my life I can be happy that I did what I wanted and dreamed about. And everyone deserves to have their dreams come true (which is why everyone should have a bucket list). Some of these may take years to accomplish, whilst others may be easy. I look forward to crossing them off either way.

My bucket list, in no special order

  • Graduate from Brigham Young University in Exercise Science (August 16th, 2013)
  • Stay at Nordstrom for a year, maybe a couple (July 2012-June 2013)
  • Get promoted and start selling at full line Nordstroms (Clinique Specialist February 20th, 2013)
  • Get an iPad, my laptop has maxed out its lifespan (September 2015)
  • Live in one place for over a year (Sandy residence-January 1st, 2013)
  • Take family pictures in 2014 (6/28/14)
  • Get pregnant (due 12/7/13)
  • Become a mom (Hilton David Smith born 12/13/13 at 6:08 pm 7 lbs. 15 oz. 21.5 inches)
  • Buy a house(offered 7/15/13)(closed 8/19/13)
  • Buy a new mattress (either sleep number or memory foam) (January 22nd, 2013)
  • Get a Dyson Vacuum (Christmas 2012)
  • And some Air Purifier's (December 2012) so we don't breath as much nasty and I don't have to dust as often (when you have two dogs and lots of windows dirt and dog hair accumulates QUICKLY!)
  • Plant beautiful lilac and peony plants at my future house (lots) (September 2013)
  • Have a Wisteria vine trellis over our backyard porch
  • Plant a raspberry patch at my future house*(Summer 2014)
  • Learn Clair De Lune all the way through and play it well
  • Learn Italian and go back to Italy with my husband
  • Run Ragnar Wasatch Back '12 (June 2012) Ragnar Las Vegas '12 (November 2012)
  • Go skydiving even though I'm terrified of heights
  • Train Adeline and Aspen to both swim and like it too (August 2012)
  • Write a novel about something I love
  • Learn to surf if we ever go back to Hawaii
  • Move out of the state for a couple of years and have an adventure
  • Get my carried concealed permit
  • Cut and donate my hair
  • Go to Disneyland when our children are old enough to appreciate it
  • Go to New York in the fall to visit my husband's mission and to go to NYC
  • Get a Golden Retriever and name them Alta
  • Get on a first name speaking basis with my Mailman
  • Buy a real replacement Coach purse-my old one is almost threadbare (January 2013)
  • Cook a Thanksgiving dinner at my house (Thanksgiving 2015)
  • Teach my children Tennis
  • Teach my children Piano
  • Hike Havasupai Falls 
  • Hike Mount Timpanogus with Jared and the dogs and reach the top so we can see the sunrise
  • Make a new quilt (October 2013)
  • Start my own small business (Etsy shop-October 2012)
  • Get the guts to have a crazy dramatic hair cut like a short bob or something. I've had long hair for almost a decade.(Long Bob, April 2013)
  •  Put a new fence in our backyard
  • Make a new quilt for me
  • Make my own salsa from my own garden that I will grow*(August 2014)
  • Take Hilton to Yellowstone summer 2014 (7/28-7/31)
  • Get tickets and attend as part of the audience for an Ellen or Oprah Winfrey show

Check back as it will keep changing and growing along with me. I'll cross things out and date them once they are completed.

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