Thursday, April 18, 2013

Love, Adi and Aspen

Dad, we barely see you anymore. Mom says it's because of something called 'finals'. We have no idea what that is but we figure its bad since it takes up all your time.

Mom is no fun today, she won't get out of bed and doesn't like it when we bring her the ball to throw. So right now we're cuddling her. Maybe she'll want to throw the ball later.

Dad, bring home treats. Preferably something with peanut butter in it. We love peanut butter.

p.s. mom's feet smell. don't tell her we told you so.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Bucket List Cross Off

I'm not going to lie I deliberated for weeks and weeks, going back and forth as to whether I should take this leap with my hair. I kept seeing these adorable pictures of long bobs and I just fell in love. Then when we watched The Terminal with Catherine Zeta Jones I just knew that was what I wanted to do. Super cute, with some length but still fun and moving.

As I walked into the hair salon for my appointment with my cute hairstylist that I've gone to since I was in Junior High I seriously contemplated running back to my car and zooming away. But I kept looking at pictures I had saved to show Alayshia and I talked myself back into it.

I sat in the chair and in the moment of truth once she started cutting I got this sinking feeling in my gut. But when I looked up after she did the first pass I knew I was going to love it! And as she trimmed it, shaped it, layered and styled it with every step I grew to love it more and more. This is definitely going in my hall-of-fame hairstyles and nobody can say I didn't try out short hair! Who knows, it may even stay for a while.

My inspiration:

And my result:

Excuse the Iphone photo

Look at that massive pile of hair! It's just crazy to me how light and alive my hair now feels without that extra 6+ inches weighing it down! It feels so wonderful I can't stop running my hands through it. I'm not sure I'll keep it short like this but we will see. You never know, I may just be hooked!

Monday, April 01, 2013

Largest Pet Peeve EVER

I apologize for this angry, mud throwing post but I just feel I should state where I stand with this.

You have been warned.

You see in Utah especially I feel like dog parks or parks that even allow dogs on leash at all are incredibly rare. There are really only two in the greater Salt Lake area the first approximately on 9600 S. and the other is Tanner Dog park at 2100 S. That's a difference of 75 blocks equivalent to 20 miles! It's clear that Utah's non-dog owners have a monopoly on the parks in the area and that they feel dogs are NOT welcome.

Well apposed to what most people think the majority of dogs are sweet, well-tempered, people friendly animals, who don't jump/bark/chase/be aggressive; but there are those few dogs who ruin it for everyone else. Actually let's not blame them: it's clearly the OWNERS that are at fault. They let their dogs get in scuffles with other dogs, let them jump on others/harass others (I've had a number of dogs sniffing my butt to close for my comfort and the owners do nothing), and today of all days I had a dog steal Aspen's tennis ball, snarl at Aspen when she tried to take it away, then run up the hill and promptly bury it and the owner's reaction? 'Sorry, dog's will be dogs.' No you fickle minded ass wipe the correct saying is 'Irresponsible owners should be shot at first sight.

On more than one occasion at the Sandy dog park there were majorly aggressive dogs-one in particular was a pit-bull-and the owner's didn't have muzzles on them and never tried to correct their behavior. I shouldn't stereotype pit-bull's as the only aggressive type: but it always seems that its a type of hunting dog that is the one initiating aggressive behavior. I mean seriously, when was the last time you saw a Golden Retriever, or even tempered Collie being aggressive?

Oh and also, if your dog snarls or tries to nip at my dog and you do nothing, you'd better bet your brass bottom covered ass I will smack your dog. This is my right if your dog is being aggressive to mine and you don't do anything. If mine growls at another dog I correct instantly. And if I don't you have full permission to smack mine as well because that is your right. That is part of being a responsible dog owner, you have to correct incorrect behaviors and encourage good ones. Dog's become well rounded in this aspect if you can communicate with them what is inappropriate behavior and what is acceptable.

All in all I feel like I am a great dog owner, I love them as if they really were my children and I'm equally as protective over them, but I definitely yell if they get up on the table and they get punished if they snarl at anybody. I will not own an aggressive dog and I don't make this so by getting rid of dogs that disobey or act out, I bend their will to mine until they yield because at the end of the day: they are a dog and you are their master.

End of story: Don't let your dog be your master and don't let your dogs go willy-nilly at dogs parks like that idiot did today or someday the city may take away our two dog parks because of complaints.

Rant over.