Monday, April 10, 2017

Graham Robert: 8 months

Graham is growing up so fast! He no longer looks like a little baby anymore to me, he's definitely starting to become more independent and wants to be wherever the party is. He does not like being left alone in a room even if he has toys or is in his jumper. He is getting very good at sitting in his high chair so we have done the dishes together many times now.

On another note, we had to take Graham in to get antibiotics for his sinus infection that wouldn't go away (2 weeks of being sick with no change in symptoms) and the new pediatrician that we saw (who I love and is going to be their pediatrician) also brought up her concerns about Graham's flat spot. Made me feel totally validated and is the first doctor that agreed it was an issue without me bringing it up at all. If by his nine month check-up it hasn't corrected itself, she feels we need to go back and see the specialist regarding it.

 Graham is finally sleeping until 6:15 or when I go get him up, so I'm not waking up 30 minutes before I need too which is so nice. Graham is showing more and more interest with whatever Hilton is playing with and has even started to grab his toys. This is super sweet because they'll be little playmates, but super scary since Hilton has lots of small toys (legos, marbles, etc.) so we are starting to put those away or save them for times when Graham can't access them (i.e. church or the basement). Hilton also is going to need lots of practice on sharing, but it will work out.

  • Weighs 21.5 lbs
  • Wearing size 12 month clothes (starting to even get tight so I'm about ready to pull out our 18 month clothing!)
  • Still wearing size 4 diapers
  • Takes about two 2 hour naps each day
  • Eats about 6 oz. every 3 hours
  • Still hates solid foods except for graham crackers (LOL)
  • Got his first haircut this month! The top was getting so long and onto his forehead so I figured it was time. Much harder to cut than Hilton's hair though!
  • Content either sitting watching Hilton play or in the jumper - still doesn't love tummy time and now hates being laid on his back unless he has a bottle (see below) but is so close to crawling! We're almost mobile!
  • Prefers to sleep on his stomach or side, moves a lot in his sleep 
  • Starting to jibber jabber more and more. Exclaims 'Ooo!' when he sees something that interests him (normally ceiling fans :)
  • Loves getting raspberries blown on his tummy and giggles like crazy
  • Nicknames include: Graham-ster, Graham-man, Graham-cicle, and Baby Graham