Friday, August 31, 2012

My very first personal business

except those childhood lemonade stands. But no, seriously, it's official! After weeks of having friends and coworkers trying to convince I should take my Infinity Scarf making to a higher level, I finally listened and...made my very own Etsy store! I'm actually really nervous/excited to hopefully get some clients and orders! As of right now I'm only doing 'made to order' items, but I intend to really concentrate of getting some basic items stocked up to be ready to send immediately.

Isn't my model Khrystalle just gorgeous?! A big thank you Khrystalle!

As I tried so carefully to explain this to the hubs, "these scarfs are THE fashion accessory must-have on everyone's list for the fall/winter time this year. AND these are better quality then anything you'll find at department stores, and unique to what you want." He just rolled his eyes and said, "whatever blows your dress up honey." Men just don't get it, but these would be something ideal for Christmas presents to loved wives/sisters/daughters...or maybe even yourself if you catch my drift. Every girl needs one and they don't break the bank. Please go check it out HERE! I'm totally stoked to have my own little project that I can do in my spare time that I actually love to do and can be beneficial for our family!

P.S. I made my own banner and everything. Whatcha think? Can you see yourself wearing one?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First day of my last semester

ever at BYU. I will graudate in December and walk in April. Craziness? Yes. But I'm warming up to the idea already as I know that even with only 8 credits this semester, it will be just as busy of a semester as a previous semesters when I was full time (15-16 credits).

And since the hubs and I carpool down to school and he woke up late (so did I) we didn't have time for fun right-outside-the-door pictures. We settled for them once we got to the UVU parking lot where I dropped him off.

December can't come fast enough. Then I can cross of another something from my Bucket List!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Worth vs. Cost

It's hard especially in a multimillion retailer world to find the best 'deal' out there. There are so many options. And of course it's extremely hard to say that one thing is right for everyone. But what is important is understanding the difference between cost and worth. So many people just want the cheapest thing. If they can buy it for less, then they are all for it. And I completely understand that, especially in a budget lifestyle and low end jobs, you have to be careful with your nickels and dimes.

However you also want to remember that it's not just about being conservative with your limited resources, it's how you invest it. For example for $40 over two years you could buy three pairs of $7 Old Navy sandals that look cheap, fall apart, and don't provide support; or you could buy one pair of Rainbow sandals, have stable flip-flops and good support that could last more than two years if they are well taken care of. Most people would prefer to get the three pairs of sandals because they feel the quantity is more important, not the quality. Yet again, it is different for everyone, but a good deal is where the quality is high enough and cost is low enough that they are equal to each other. I.e. the item is worth its cost.

It is surprising how many people have adjusted to the Wal-Mart mentality. They want the cheapest price, no matter the quality they are provided. So instead of investing in their products or the merchandise they purchase, they merely put a 'band-aid' over their needs, temporarily fixing the problem as cheaply as possible. And then when that item breaks they have to do it all over again, instead of just spending the extra amount at the initial time of purchase for the better quality item. They are sacrificing the worth of their items for something of 'the lowest' cost. Our parents however, knew and understood that to really stretch your dollar you buy things of good worth (where cost and quality meet) and take care of them. Not just by buying the cheapest thing available. It's an indication of the difference between ours and older generations.

We are so caught up in having the most of the lowest costing items, while they bought something of high quality and ensured it's long life by taking care of it. They were fixers, we are discarders. And that mentality is evident in almost all aspects of our society. We'd rather get divorced than fix our marriages, we'd rather replace our household items instead of fix them, we'd rather throw out clothing items with minor tears or holes instead of repair them, and we'd rather get surgery and liposuction to loose weight instead of exercising. We have become a society of lazy and 'just right now', instead of working for long term solutions and investing in our futures.

No wonder our society is so broken. We do not understand or appreciate the concept of worth in the items we purchase and unfortunately the market is following these habits. Developers want to know how to make things 'cheaper' while sacrificing quality. Workers want to know how to make their jobs easier so they don't have to work as hard. Mothers want to know how to do it all, keep in touch with all their media (blogging, fb, twitter, pinterest) and look great doing it while sacrificing all attention to their children. Don't be those people. Don't be those who want to sacrifice the minimum cost (time, attention, or effort) to get the most gain. Understand the relationship between cost and quality. You will be grateful you do in the long run.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Where will we be?

I feel like right now in our lives, we are in a transitional period. Both Jared and I just changed jobs recently (Jared more than me), and my bachelors is coming to a close (come faster April). We're at one of the many crossroads that are going to shape the rest of our lives. Is it time for children? Should we join the military? Should we move or stay in this apartment for a while longer? It is time for a drastic hair change? Wait, that last one doesn't qualify.

It's like choosing which college to go to all over again. Each big decision is going to have permanent effects on us in every dimension of our lives. Scary? Yes. Worried? Trying not to be. I know we'll be guided in our decisions, even if we don't necessarily ask or pray for that answer specifically. It's just now the waiting game. And if you know me at all, you know I loathe waiting. Once I make a decision to do something, I make it happen. And if it doesn't happen right away I lose interest. Bad habit? Yes. I'm working on it.

But as we play the waiting game, I can't help but wonder where we will be in our lives in just a short eight to nine months. Will our family grow? Will we join the military? Be in grad school? Will we even still be living in the state? It's so hard to mentally process what is next in store for us. All I've known for the past sixteen years is steady school. What will it be like to not have that obligation anymore?

I have a feeling it will be nice. Because we'll have more time to do this,


and this.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Love, Aspen

Dad, I'm sad you left me behind on your adventure that you took Adi on. Mom says its called camping. With scouts. Are those treats? Cause I really like it when you bring me treats. Bring me some scouts back to eat please.

While you were gone yesterday I found a nice necklace under the bed. It smelled a little musty but I think the spots blend well with me don't you? Mom didn't like that I started chewing on it, but it was so fun since it was stretchy. Plus its great to play toss with and shake it like I was killing it. Until mom took it away that is. She always spoils my fun.

Mom has let me have all the toys out I want since you're gone, and she feeds me first since Adi is not here. But I get really bored playing with myself. And there's too much room on the bed. 

Come home soon Daddy. I guess you should also bring back Adi, cause I need someone to harass other than mom.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Am I c[ragnar]zy?

When I finished my previous (and first ever) Ragnar back in June I was definitely on a high. Elated, relieved, and so impressed with my physical abilities that I wasn't sure I could actually do. After a month of no running because of tendonitis in my feet I couldn't see myself ever subjecting my body to that again.

But my medal hung on our bedroom mirror and I looked at it everyday I got ready and realized after a while, I actually wanted to do it again! Next thing I know I'm signed up on a team with two of my friends recruited as well. Can't wait for November 9th-10th. Bring on the training! And the crazy awesome trip in close quarters with lots of stinky people.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Love, Adi and Aspen

Daddy, we miss cuddling with you in the mornings. Can't you stay longer?

Plus you never take us to the park to play anymore. Mom says it's because you're busy working. Whatever that is. We know you're doing it to pay for our two meals a day-at least mom says so-and all the good treats, plus the pupperoni; but we're missing out on all the good schtick's that we need need NEED to chew on. Mom doesn't think we need more bark on the living room floor, but we don't agree.

Come home so we can go 'sploring and find some good bark making schticks. Schticks are more necessary than pupperoni AND squeaker toys. Much more important. 

Love Adi and Aspen.

P.S. daddy, we need to go soon. Our schticks supply is running low.