Thursday, November 05, 2015

Hilton Says

I LOVE this time with Hilton. Since he started talking it has gotten more and more fun to see what he says each day. This developmental period is definitely my favorite. I wanted to capture how cute he says certain things, he has a little bit of wisp (lisp) that show his struggle with L's so far. And I find it completely adorable. And no I'm not worried about it, both Jared and I had difficulty with certain consonants growing up but...I digress. So I'm going to post little clips of conversations with Hilton just to be able to forever remember and look back at his speaking development. Plus a couple funny things he says that I love.

First, a video run down of his current words that he uses the most, which includes, mommy, daddy, puppies, pizza, crackers, and the latest his response to 'What is your name?'

And my absolutely favorite phrase he has started to say:

Love this boy, even if I he doesn't say it back every time :)