Monday, November 29, 2010


A couple weeks ago I went to my second ever concert with one of my bff's Sasha. 

We went to see Sara Bareilles, and she was AMAZING!

She performed all of her popular songs, plus my favorites, including 'King of Anything', 'Bottle It Up', and 'Love Song'. Even though we had to wait FOREVER for her to perform, it was well worth it. The concert hall was sooo crowded, shoulder to shoulder and back to front. No elbow room. Which reminded me every minute we were there why I don't like concerts. Although I love seeing my favorite musicians in person, I get slightly claustrophobic. Anyone else have that issue?

However we were close to the front so the view was still great.

The girl behind me was singing off-tune (cough, cough)

Isn't she such a fun performer?! Sash and I were talking afterwards about how down to earth, fun, and spunky she was. Definitely made for an awesome concert!

And although I hadn't bought her new CD yet, I totally want it for Christmas. It's called Kaleidoscope hearts...and its rather inspirational. (:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

{The first five perfect months of the rest of my life}

Just a shout out to all those who were unawares.
It has been five months since Jer's and my big day here...

I cannot believe it has gone so fast. But then again, time flies when you're eternally married to your other half :)

P.S. for those who were speculating if our first five months really have been perfect, they have. Not perfect in that everything has its absolute order, or that we never squabble like children, or fight over who does the dishes: perfect in that we're the happiest we have ever been. Yes, being newlyweds is HARD. But it is so so worth it. It's a lot of work, but that's what love is truly about. Its about working to help each other, and sacrificing for each other.

Something we have both been learning a lot of late, is that life is messy. We don't have perfect schedules, or consistent patterns of who cleans or cooks, but we do savor every bit of time we have together, and we try to appreciate and recognize each service we do for each other. 

I love my amazingly wonderfully handsome husband who makes me smile, laugh, and feel beautiful each day.

Monday, November 08, 2010

{Anchoring me back down}

I am in LOVE with Mindy Gledhill, and her latest CD Anchor. I seriously want it, (hint hint Jer) for Christmas. All of her songs are so relaxing, and reminiscent of childlike life and sweet memories from long ago.

Take a moment to watch this...I promise you won't be disappointed.

Go to youtube to watch more of her videos. They just have such a sweet tone and message to each one. It makes me want to dance. And after all, "Dance is the hidden language of the soul."

-Martha Graham

p.s. this is for a giveaway on Blue Cricket whose site I love! I don't normally do these, but its a very good incentive this time.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

.Changing of the leaves.

So I have had this craft sitting in my closet for about two or three weeks. I made one for my madre for her BIRTHDAY, which is today. Happy Birthday Mom! You are the greatest mom ever!

I got the idea from Blue Cricket Design. I absolutely loved the colors, and the fact that it was leaves (very seasonal) which, I thought was super creative and original. You don't see many people with leaves on their shirts so I thought it'd be something that would draw attention.

What do you think? I wasn't so sure myself but its actually starting to grow on me.

My brother-in-law actually thought that these shirts I've been making are quality and cute enough to make and sell myself. I'm not so sure how many people would actually want these. I just love making them myself cause they're personal and much cheaper then buying a monotone million-duplicate shirt from a department store. Any suggestions/feedback/thoughts/ideas? I dunno. I wouldn't really be able to do mass numbers of shirts though so that's why I'm hesitant to even start on such a project...I dunno.

P.S. here is my mother's b-day present

Isn't my husband the cutest?! He's such a doll for modeling it for the camera. (:

Who knew?!

This weekend was a lot of fun, even though it wasn't long enough. Jer and I went to his really good friend Sergay's wedding on Saturday, which was very sweet for us. We long weddings because it reminds us of our own special day.

Look at that beautiful Bride. Doesn't she just look so happy? Reminds me of how I felt on our day. (:

Exchanging rings. Super happy!

And cutting the cake. Super yummy!

Afterwards we went out with Poppa Todd (Jer's dad), and Breck, Jarom, and Isis to....dun dun dun....Tepanyaki! It was our first time and we were definitely amazed and impressed. Not just by the show. 

P.s. if you go, get the noodles. Ah soooo good!!!!!! I kept stealing Jer's and he was getting slightly defensive cause I couldn't stop eating them!

Our chef was so good! He was CONSTANTLY in motion. That job would be so tiring! But so delicious!

Seriously, it was a hit! I loved our experience there. Its hard to get me to go to new places because I'm SUCH a creature of habit. I barely ever go try new restaurants or foods. Neither does Jer. We basically just stick with Cafe Rio and Costa Video and our Spicy Thai restaurant. Its a huge sign to me that we need to break out of our shells and try new places. Any SUGGESTIONS!? I'm all for some great comments  or ideas that are good and totally worth it. Who knew trying new things would be so much fun?!

Monday, November 01, 2010

{Happy BOO to you too}

Sorry guys, this past week was not the best for blogging. So I'm FINALLY writing about our Halloween fun!

We went pumpkin browsing last Saturday at this cute produce market west of the freeway on Geneva Rd. in Provo with Jackson and Brianne. Of course it started down-pouring the moment we got there, so it was a short lived trip.

 And Jer even made me carry the huge-ginormous-extremely heavy pumpkin all by myself in the rain...

(Jackson being his normal joking self)

Speaking of Brianne and Jackson, they announced some VERY exciting and secretive news at their Halloween party this weekend...see if you can figure it out....
Haha not that hard right?
But of course we all did double takes...

We are so excited for these two and their new journey in their marriage and lives of having a BABY! So, now that we've recovered from our shock, does anybody else have any exciting/surprising news they'd love to share instead of trying to shock us? lol it was very cute in the way the planned telling their family, and their costumes by far won in the 'best overall' category.