Monday, April 30, 2012

Aloha feeling

I love being back in Hawaii, not trying to brag just bein honest.

1. I love how everyone says aloha ALL the time
2. I love that there are tropical flowers abundant everywhere
3. My hubby is in great spirits between the snorkeling and wonderful sandy beaches

It's been a wonderful first weekend. Did I mention we got our first sunburn too? We've been pretty crispy but we'll be tan!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


As of today we're flying again! And back to Hawaii!!! For the most part I really love flying, the only stressful part is security with their liquid restrictions. I've lost more lip gloss's and lotions that way then you can count. There's only one thing I truly hate. And that is....

Airplane bathrooms. I have this irrational fear that I'll just happen to be in the bathroom when the plane crashes and thus be without a seat belt, or the toilet is going to suck me in. On top of both these illogical concepts I am claustrophobic so it's even worse for me to be stuck in the shoebox of a bathroom.

Do you have any fears of flying? Would you rather drive instead of fly?

Say What?: 5-hour energy shots

I had never really paid much attention to these things since I pride myself on never needing caffeine to stay awake, cram homework, etc. Jared uses them on a weekly basis when he has to stay late or work swing shifts. However this last finals I needed to bust out sixteen pages, and rewrite another sixteen for a final all by a five pm deadline. So I took one super-charged grape flavored one. And besides the strong after taste, I didn't notice anything right away. Until I finished all of my written final a whole hour before my deadline because my brain was moving ten paces ahead of where it normally does.

However I paid for it later. As soon as I left the library I noticed I was dizzy, queasy, off-balance, and nauseous. I was still a little jittery, and literally my fingers had been twitching since I took the five hour energy shot. I felt like I was a psychotic robot. My joints weren't working properly and I was using any stable object to help me walk to my car. Somehow I drove the hour ride home without any incident, but I remained nauseous until the following evening about 30 hours later. And I hate being nauseous. For that reason I will never take one of these again, but I wanted to do some research on it.

According to the Mayo Clinic, other, more serious side effects include “liver toxicity, worsening of stomach ulcers, and altered blood sugar or insulin levels or uric acid concentrations” (source)

Since 5-hour energy falls under Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act that stipulates drinks made from healthy substances, vitamins, and herbs; it does not have to be regulated by the government and that it falls to the company to ensure that its products don't have a negative effect. Amongst the negative effects that are quoted above, is a "Niacin Flush" that elevates blood pressure, blood circulation causing body temperature increase, because of the high levels of Niacin present.(source)  This is probably partially what I experienced and my system just couldn't handle it.

One specific tactic 5-hour energy uses to market is that their product is healthy because it contains good vitamins in addition to the caffeine that ensures increased mental capacity and energy. However, consuming 8000% B12 and 2000% B6 isn't going increase your mental capacity right away. The majority of that will just be flushed through your system without any benefit, and will actually overwork your system with the excess it doesn't need. And that isn't even including what the caffeine is doing to your system.

Overall, 5-hr energy shots are not FDA regulated or approved and their dangers have not been fully uncovered. If you are going to use 5-hour energy shots do it sparingly, and since regular contains as much as a cup of coffee, and the extra strength contain as much caffeine as from 12 oz. worth of coffee you need to be careful about how much you take at a time (source). If you can continue on without any that would be best. 

"These energy shots have over a dozen ingredients all together, and consumers are ingesting them at very high doses but there is no research of how the ingredients react all together," Bauer said. (source)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Raising the bar: Ragnar

I previously told you all about my goals to run a 5K in May and a 10K in July. Well I recently (last night) signed up for a beast of a race that is sure to be a blast! Although I'll have to juggle making an appearance at my friends wedding, and my own 2nd anniversary it will all be worth it. I'm looking forward to this two day twelve person relay race, of which I'm runner three.

If I'm going to make a goal, I might as well go for the gold right? Here's to training my heart out!

P.S. Workout wednesday training tip (WWTT): eat protein right after you work out, making sure that you don't eat anything right before your workout.  This will ensure that your body recovers quickly vs. overloading your blood-sugar levels and then crashing later if you eat carbohydrates post workout.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Heaven sent spring

With this completely radical weather from warm weather that resembles summer to snow in the past two weeks, the poor flora of Utah is slightly confused. But thank goodness the snow didn't ruin the neighborhood cherry blossom trees. I run under them each morning and they are just a heavenly sight and smell! I go three blocks out of my way just to run underneath them. Do you have something you look forward to in your workouts like my blossom trees?

But the good news that accompanies the beautiful spring blossoms is that is in now safe weather to wear white again. White is the new black after all.

With all this fashion craze of neon and pastel colored pants everywhere, all I wanted was some great white skinnies. White pants will still be cutting edge lasting through the fashion whirlwind, while I'd bet my two front teeth these neon pants will be a fashion taboo in a year or so. Oh heaven, I love spring. It's definitely my favorite because of the flowers coming to life, peep toed sandals with pedicures, and breaking out the short sleeve shorts. Don't go away too soon spring!

P.S. These white skinnies were only TEN BUCKS from H&M. Another reason to add to the list of why I love that store.

Monday, April 23, 2012

It's time

...for what? Now that finals are over and only a lazy dog to occasionally entertain, I have NOTHING to do. I feel lost. Like someone without a purpose. Of course, I'm currently turning a blind eye to the dishes in the sink and the laundry waiting for be folded.

Well start working out more of course! My brand spanking new Nike+ SportBand came in the mail yesterday and I've had lots of fun trying it out. Its not that shmancy GPS tracking watch, but it does measure my runs and that's all I need for now. So far I've done about two miles each day, and I'm trying to add on a bit at a time. It may sound silly to all those intense runners out there, but I'll get there!

 Do I look like a ripe tomato? That's right, I got burned after only a half hour in the sun! Better now than in Hawaii.

I officially signed up (paid the dues and everything) for a 5K in May, and a 10K in July. The goal is to ramping it up for a marathon next spring. That's the long term goal and I'm pushing for it! Go me!

Friday, April 20, 2012

A jingle of an issue

Well, its official. Finals this semester - especially my 30 page Anthropology final - took their toll. The first half hour right after my final final, I misplaced my phone...somewhere. No clue where. Have I lost my mind totally? It feels like it. Guess I'll be out of the loop until we get to Honolulu and get a new phone. It's refreshing and hard all at the same time to be without my quick connection to the world. 

Goodbye hated HTC, hello iPhone!

P.S. has anyone tried any of those nifty GPS apps that are can help locate lost phones? After this experience I will be downloading that app first and foremost on my new phone.

P.P.S. any other highly suggested app's that are worth the effort? I'm all ears...I mean fingers.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


So, I lied. I'm cheating on my finals resolution to not blog. But I'll do it fast so its like nothing happened. Sure. Anyways, throughout all my studying, late nights, and (super) early mornings, headaches, and neck cramps from looking at my computer for too long I have had 1000 things come into my head that I want to get done after finals once I'm free. A quickee little list...

Transplant mint from dad's garden
thrift some colorful pants and re-do them like my cute cousin
do yoga and get my namaste on
go running and start training for my 5K in May
make cookies
play and cuddle with my adorable pooch Adi
get a tan 
read hunger games again
see This Means War
sleep in
pack for Hawaii!

doesn't that face just scream, "come play!"?

That last one is seriously what is getting me through this week of h.e. double hockey sticks. Now I will apply my brain back to Freyette's laws, hip rotation values, the culture of the Bushmen, and pulling my hair out - it's become a new fad if you didn't know, you should jump on the bandwagon.  

Only two days left!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


As they always do, finals have come and life is at a standstill. I'll be back next thursday though! 
Sorry for the break...

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Say What?:MSG

From my younger years I always have been careful about this additive but after asking a Dietician at one of my facilities he said it was false it had any side effects...but the research says differently. And when its really rather an unknown issue. Most people say, "what is that?"

What MSG looks like

"Although less than 15 percent of Americans are sensitive to MSG, according to the University of Illinois Medical Center, in those who are sensitive symptoms range from headaches and nausea to heart palpitations and chest pain."

Side effects can include anything from skin rash, nausea, migraine headache, heart irregularities, seizures, and depression. I can personally attest that these are real side effects, whenever I have anything with MSG in it I get a splitting headache, sometimes even migranes.

But many people are totally unaware of what contains MSG though. A quick list includes some chips, frozen meals, canned soups, gravy, soy sauce; specifically Hamburger Helper, Lipton’s Onion Soup Mix, Progresso soups, Campbell’s soups. Additionally a lot of fast food chains use a lot of MSG including McDonald's, Taco Bell, KFC etc. Another huge food type that has MSG in bucket loads is Chinese. So essentially its almost everywhere in prepackaged food.

So just some small side effects, what's the big deal right? Well, as some studies are starting to show there are some serious health risks that are long term and unalterable once the damage has been done. For example testing on mice has started to reveal that obesity and reproductive sterility is common in mice consuming MSG and also in mice that were exposed as infants and fetuses. Also recent research has shown that MSG may act like a 'slow neurotoxin' which can result in dementia in later years.

Obviously its clear intake of MSG needs to be restricted, and of course those who consume a large amount consistently i.e. once a day if not more. But be aware oftentimes products that contain MSG do not mark it as MSG. Other names include,
  • Glutamic Acid
  • Yeast Extract
  • Hydrolyzed Protein
  • Caseinate
  • and they can even name it as Natural Flavors
So check ingredient lists and BE CAREFUL! The best and most thorough way to avoid it is eat healthy and unprocessed food.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Taking it for granted

Isn't it funny how little things (or big in some people's perspective) make the world of difference in how your day goes?


the shower being clogged preventing a morning shower
getting an A on a quiz I only studied for ten minutes for


getting cut off on the freeway offramp plus the individual flipping me the bird when it was their fault anyways
arriving on campus only five minutes before class started and finding a parking spot immediately

What small and simple things have made your day go bad or good?
 Or is it how you react to those things?

Do you see a the comparison?

Choose to be happy!

p.s. Sonic Happy Hour cherry limeade's makes me happy

Tuesday, April 03, 2012


I'm sure for all who follow NieNie Dialogues that her book Heaven is Here came out in Utah this past friday at all Deseret Book stores and she actually did a signing at the City Creek Center on friday evening. After years of following her blog I just had to go and see her in person.

And it was all I dreamed it would be. Of course I cried when I talked to her, and she even signed my book. It truly made my day! Everyone in the line was the most courteous and encouraging individuals I've been around and I loved it.

Of course I read her entire book between conference and even stayed up late reading it. I truly suggest it to anyone who has ever struggled with trial, disappointments, or lack of faith. As that's about everyone, I really think its worth every penny! Every page draws either tears or laughter so I suggest you keep a box of Kleenex handy.

I definitely give this 5 out of 5 stars. It truly deserves this rating, as I would recommend to everyone from my husband to people I meet at the grocery store. I loved this book! READ IT! Its only 310 pages so it isn't a huge undertaking and you won't regret it.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Good for a laugh

Since it's Monday and finals are officially come quickly and spring is taunting you while you lock yourself inside, take a quick break and watch this beauty. Hopefully you have a great sense of humor.

p.s. I have absolutely nothing against this Presidential Candidate, but you have to admit its pretty darn funny and looks realistic!


"I'll fight a chicken with hands, real hands!"