Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Parenting "Oh Dear" Moments

This whole journey of parenting has definitely had it's 'oh dear' moments. This past week has been chock full of them.

For example, I took Hilton to go grocery shopping and as I was lifting him into the shopping cart at Smith's in front of like ten checkstands after coming out of the bathroom from changing his diaper he decided to violenting spit up. On the floor. Leaving a nice white puddle. About two feet big. I could have died. But all I could say under my breath was, "Oh dear".

Second time this week was when Hilton was taking a bath Sunday evening and happily playing and splashing in the tub. I turned around to make his bedtime bottle in the sink while I watched him in the mirror. When I turned around and looked in the tub...he had pooped. "Oh dear! Get out of that tub right now!" Good thing he wasn't too upset, and I was able to rinse him off and sanitize everything.

Third was walking into His room to get him from a nap and he was standing at the edge of his crib, something I was hoping it would take him a bit to figure out! Definitely an 'Oh Dear' moment. We got the crib lowered right away. 

Last moment this week was that in Sunday school in our church now that Hilton is crawling like crazy I made the mistake of setting him down and before I knew it he was going down our row untying all the old men's church shoes...I felt so bad. Quite definitely "Oh dear" moment.

Good thing he's so cute and makes doing this parenting thing all worth it!

Monday, September 08, 2014

The Return

So you know how I had a baby nine months ago? Yeah, kind of crazy he's already that old. And me basically ignoring this blog for that same amount of time is almost as crazy. This is the obligatory post stating how I'm sorry I've forgotten or neglected this blog, and promise how I'm going to shape up. So there. I'm coming up with fun new ideas of things that I want to post about and life since baby et cetera.And I promise to try and blog more frequently, because even though life has changed SO much it's just a wonderful and fun in different ways.

And here's just the cutest face to end the shortest post I've ever done.