Wednesday, August 31, 2011

bargain hunter:TOMS

Truthfully, I resisted for a LONG time against getting TOMS. Everyone had them, they weren't that cute...etc. I just found reasons to not like them. But like a lot of trends and popular things, there really are reasons why they are so popular and continue to be a high craze.

Since I finally bought my first pair and have broken them in, they are SOOO comfortable. But the price was still a little much to swallow. So when I heard from a friend at work that she found someone who buys TOMS straight from the factory in bulk and then sells them for $25 a pair, I was like 'Sign me up!'

She gave me the contact info, I dropped by this nice lady's house today after school and bought two pair for me, and two pair for a friend.

They had everything from the classic toms, to a couple patterns, to the glitter toms, to the wedges. All under $35 a pair! So truthfully, I feel a lot better about these TOMS that I just got, then my first pair from Nordstrom.

But I guess it took me actually finding a pair that I liked the look of to be open about the brand in general.

Is everyone else like me where they resist the popular movements, or do you jump on the bandwagon quickly? I think I can attribute it to my stubborn nature. :)

Yay for TOMS!


p.s. if you live in Utah and thus would like her contact info...I may be inclined to give it to you. If you ask nicely :) 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

OCD much?

So along with the 2.3% of the U.S. population who have been diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, I can proudly say that I have it as well. It runs in the family, and truthfully if I didn't have it, I think I'd be the weird one in my family. Both my parents have their own forms of it, as do I. Of course mine takes a more hilarious, and yet aggravating (for Jared) form. I'm not a germaphobe OCD nor am I a neat freak. On most days that is.

My form is more of environmental control habits. Like on any music or volume setting it can only be on evens or numbers divisible by five or else it bugs me until I change it. i.e. the first place setting cannot by a 1, 3, 7, or 9. And the toilet paper has to be placed so that the paper comes from the top and not the back. And yes, I change it to that in all of my friends houses if I use their bathroom. Weird right?

Other random things that bothers me is when our DVD's aren't alphabetical, my jeans aren't all folded the same way, and if doors (specifically closet doors) are left open. Likewise, glasses all have to be stacked the same way in the cupboard, the keys have to be hung on their key ring, and if there is spare change or dollar bills in my wallet, I have to organize and file it by value.

Truthfully, the list just goes on and on, but some of it is so insignificant I don't notice it is something that bothers me until it isn't the way it should be. Normally I don't notice my odd behavior until Jared gives me that 'are you serious?' look and says something.

I don't know how to better describe it other than its like this itch that if I don't fix whatever it if that is bugging me, it will bother me even when physically I am not aware of it. Like after I've left the bathroom, or once the volume indicator goes away. And then I have to change it anyways.

Most people I guess would consider a lot of these things an inconvenience, and although for some people OCD is a major inconvenience (for ex. Howie Mandel), for me it has just become a routine part of life. I don't know how life would be without those impulses, and I'm actually grateful I have them since it makes my house cleaner (in my eyes). So there really is a method to the madness.

Does anybody else have those little quirks they just can't help but do? 

Happy Tuesday

want it...need it?

Ok bargainistas, is this something I should jump on immediately?

J. Crew Asymmetrical Ruched Bandeau Tank
org. 88.00 sale 49.00

I LOVE this swimsuit, but its still quite a chunk of change...ah I just know how hard it is to find cute swimwear especially when its swim season. And we now live somewhere that has an easily accessible pool until late Sept. and opens early May. So I need another swimsuit right?

I am resisting spending the money, but the color and cut is so cute!


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Adi poochi

This is the second update in a row that is solely for Adi. Can you tell we love her much? I really feel like my mother side has come out because of her. But of course, that doesn't stop me from having fun photographing her.

This is my favorite shot for the month of August...I had some free time, found a fun location that wasn't to hot for her, and shot away.

Of course this picture came from a whole grouping of photos that I happened to take right after I got my 50 mm f1.8 canon lens. But I just really love this shot because it just shows how calm and what an at ease personality she has. And of course how wonderfully fluffy as well! Doesn't she just look soft in this shot?

But as our friends Katie and Rob pointed out today, the picture I've put up do not do her any justice as to her actual size. She is now at least three feet tall when standing on her hind legs, and weighed in at 42.5 lbs this morning. Crazy how fast my adorable little baby has grown into a teen puppy!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

oh poop. literally.

So yesterday when Jared left for work, and before I got home from work Adi spent approximately six hours in her pen. By pen I mean a gold ten foot square dog run. It has a little door thats opened by lifting the handle and then pushing on the door. Well apparently Adi is smarter than I thought. She opened it sometime yesterday while neither of us were home...and I came home to house disaster.

You see, Adi has this thing that when she's alone she finds whatever is moderately edible and rips it to shreds. Specifically paper. But she also has a hankering for power cords.

And there were two trash cans, and two tissue boxes within reach. Plus Jer's computer charging cord. Needless to say, we'll make sure that its completely latched and this time has an extra lock so that even if she gets the door handle up, she won't be able to push it open.

But plus that she had a little accident in the midst of all the shredded paper. Business one and two. And although it wasn't a big deal to clean it up, I'm afraid that she has gotten confused as to where the potty is. This morning I sent her out to go to the bathroom, and she came back as if she was done. I went into the bathroom, came out and then caught her in the act. Of course I freaked out and made sure she knew that was bad and took her outside again to go there.

Ah, what do I do? I was just so glad to have gotten past the puppy potty stage. We hadn't had an accident for at least a month and a half. And this is the first one in this new apartment. I'm just so frustrated, because I thought I had her trained and then one little accident and she is untrained?

Advice? tips?


p.s. who thinks the word poop is funny?
p.p.s. does talking about poop make you feel awkward?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

fashion alert concern

So, I've basically become victim to DSW's email trend alerts and I hate to admit....that marketing scheme of sending me pictures of really cute shoes via working. Big time. Three new pairs of shoes in almost a month? I mean come on. I am normally really good about not buying that many shoes...ok that's a lie. But I try.

And truthfully, I fell in love with these first ones. But the second ones are what caught my eye at first...but I'm worried that the entire color blocking shoes is going to be this decades version of the big clod shopper shoes from the 70's that they wear in the new Mamma Mia movie during their performance...I mean, does anybody think that they're popularity will last more than a season or two? Seriously, do you? Still I love them. Advice? Opinions? Something people.


which do you prefer? Think will last (stylewise) longer?

I dunno. Now I'm thinking I don't like either...ugh. I am such a woman.



Sorry I spaced out for a couple days. Life happens. Ya know?

But seriously how happy is everyone right now?! Seriously, you the people of the world are probably sleeping right now. But I have big news. So just act happy when you read this, mmk?! If you're not happy when you read this...go eat chocolate, pet a puppy or kitty, kiss someone and be happy so you can be happy with me.


Quite basically, my friend Moni (Monica) from HS days let me in on a little awesomeness of hers and I got lucky enough to share in the reward!

Are you ready?


the tension should be building.....

(is this annoying or what? Hey, its 1AM it just goes with the mood) quite basically all my dreams and hopes (short term of course) for my photography have come true in that I (with Moni) get to internship with a photography studio and one amazing photographer in particular. Jaron Horrocks with Saans Photography. Hello. Oh yes.

Let the splendor and beauty of that statement just wash over you.

I am just so excited to learn hands on with people who are professionals, and not just in it for the money. They want to make art. And that's what I want to do. I will get to learn every aspect of their business from the marketing, lighting, posing, to equipment, etc. etc. And maybe if we get good enough, and work really hard (and stay with them for a really long time) we might even have an opportunity to be assistant photographers. Isn't that just the best news you've heard all day?!?

Just nod. Smile. Say 'yes' to yourself. Something along the lines of 'Go Melissa' wouldn't be bad either. But you don't have to. Only if you feel the urge. But you should feel the urge.

So basically, I'm somewhere between floating on air and KBD. And if you don't know what KBD is, then you aren't one. Was that harsh? Ok, now I feel bad. If you want to know what KBD is...comment and I will email you or facebook you or just post it in my next post. But you should know what it is. Just sayin.

Maybe I should go to bed now...yep, I should- NEED- to go to bed.


p.s. this is me can obviously tell why my husband likes it when I go to bed before I reach this stage...personally I think its fun.


Monday, August 22, 2011

I heart faces: pets

When I saw this photo challenge, I couldn't resist. I will openly admit, it was on my to-do list today.

I can't decide if this makes her look like she's singing, or smiling big, or talking. But either way, it was definitely a yawn. She HATES having pictures taken. I don't know if she's afraid of the camera or if she just gets bored.


p.s. any tips on how to get her to be less camera shy?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

cantelopes meet the M1A

This past weekend we had a blast hanging out with Nate and Kristi, one of our many newlywed friends. Jer and Nate are quite the couple of gun lovers, and since they went up on friday and shot watermelon and didn't invite me and Kristi, they made up for it on Saturday.

We stopped by Walmart and picked up around twenty cantelopes that were on a huge sale, and then headed up past the Bountiful 'B' and found a little grove to hang and strap them to the trees. Quite quickly Kristi and I got extremely sick of our little pistols, and so the boys let us use their big guns.

Since this is the first time I've even wanted to use the M1A since we got married, Jer got super excited and Nate took some ceremonial pics. Needless to say, it was EXTREMELY heavy, rather loud (I could even hear it thru the headmuffs), and I know have a lovely shiner on my shoulder area.

But I will definitely say, it was the most fun I've ever had shooting so far. Maybe exploding fruit is a lot more fun than pigeons. Either way, hanging them from trees was a good idea. It made it a lot more fun. I highly suggest it for anyone who wants a challenge!

It sure was a fun weekend! Maybe I'll be better about taking more pictures next time.

Until then,

p.s. is it weird that I am right hand dominant, but left eye dominant? I am weird. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

what I wished I'd known then

So I have recently fallen in love with black skinny jeans or jean leggings. Don't worry, these aren't the trashy black spandex ones. They're actually jeans, just stretchier. Anywho, kohls failed me this time, which was especially sad since I got a 30% off coupon in the mail. So I headed over to Macy's to see what they had. And I struck gold.

While I was trying on the possibilities and rushing, I over heard in the stall next to me (I'm sorry but everyone does it) a teen girl and her mother back to school shopping for some shirts. As I listened, my stomach literally churned to listen to this teen girl talk to her mother. And then I had a flashback- a couple actually- of back to school shopping panics where I wanted to look 'just right' and where I didn't care how nasty I was to my mother to get what I wanted. The old wives tale about how you become better friends with your mother after you get married is so true. During puberty all I cared about was my friends, and how I looked. Thank goodness that has changed since I got married.

It took all the determination I've ever had to walk out of that dressing room and not say a word. But I truly wish I had said something. I'm pretty sure it would have gone something like, "Excuse me, but I just wanted to give you a little bit of advice that you will come to cherish down the road: you only get one mother. You can have plenty of boyfriends that you can be nasty too, but you will only ever have one mother to cry to and to have support you and love you unconditionally. And one day, she will be gone. And you will look back when you are more mature and out of high school, and say I'm sorry I ever treated my mother like that."

Of course, my mother isn't gone but she it feels like she is. Thank goodness I can call her everyday. I'm pretty sure its the only way I will make it through till December.

P.s. I need some SERIOUS serious fashion advice. I tried on these two jeans and I want to know which one you like best.


Personally I'm inclined to go with the first ones because of the cut, but the second ones I like as well because their good quality. Ah I dunno! HELP!

Seriously, just let me know. 


Monday, August 15, 2011

where you put your roots...

is apparently really important. Roots of your plants that is.

Who knew that plants could be so darn picky? They only need water, sunshine, and dirt. But boy they can certainly be finicky. Too much or too little water, they die. Too sandy or to much nutrients in the soil, they die. And again, too much or too little sunshine, they die. Are we seeing a trend here?

Thank goodness my patient and understanding husband keeps letting me buy more when I kill one. or four.

Sad. Its quite sad.

Just a fun fact, DO NOT use pure manure to use as your soil. It fries the root system just like pure acid would. It creates the same effect in the above picture. Or so I now know.

p.s. those were beautiful, wonderful smelling thyme plants I bought from a nursery that were dead in three days. Bam. Dead. Not even a little inckling of a chance to survive against the manure.

Lesson learned: if you're going to spend money on pretty plants, splurge and get the good soil. Like the $10 a bag moisture sensitive kind. That way you're plants will actually have a leg up and grow bigger faster. Does this sound like an ad for Scott's Miracle grow soil? Maybe. I've certainly become a believer in good soil.

Ultimately you shouldn't put in just any kind of dirt that is easily accessible. So basically, dirt is not just dirt. And it has all reminded me of the super important fact that when you want something done well, you shouldn't cut corners. If you want something to look good, you need to put in the extra effort.

This is something to remember in all aspects of life. And live by. 

Happy Monday!

p.p.s. please pray for my new lavender plants. Let's hope they don't die soon.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

DIY project: fun with chalk

This project was very last minute, fly by the seat of your pants kind of deal. Those are really the best I think. When inspiration hits just at the right moment and everything just falls into place. Its nice for a 'planner' mindset like me. Takes the work out of it I think.

When I was on my way out of HD (home depot) with the paint for this project, I happened to see this Chalkboard paint sitting there in the aisle, screaming for me to take it home. I had seen some projects with it on the all-be-known pinterest and had really wanted to recreate them. And it was only $9. With that kind of price it was like I would be loosing money if I didn't take it home. Really it just would have been a loss of gas if I'd had to come back and get it, which I knew I would. So I took it.

I took it even though I had nothing to have it be painted on. But that's ok.

Funnily enough though, I got a call from one of the people who'd been advertising their second hand ikea bookcases off of KSL who lived right in Bountiful, that he was home and I could come see it before he left. I'm sorry but I really am to cheap to spend $50 on a plyboard bookcase. $25 is really more reasonable. And who cares if it might be a little scratched up or pre-used. As long as its still functional right?

When I got there it was exactly what I wanted, the guy realized I only wanted the bookcase and none of the additional furniture he was trying to get rid of, so he offered to give it to me for FREE!

Score. Got a bookcase. Didn't pay a cent. How awesome is that?!

So I lugged it back to Jer's grandpas and we painted the top and sides with my super cool chalkboard paint that Jared now didn't think was so dumb, and it did turn out rather nice if I do say so myself.

Isn't that fun? I can't wait to use it on some other fun things to put around the house. Happy and productive Saturday!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

eye for it

I need some serious suggestions and comment love on this. I have had this eye liner for over three years since my dear friend Alyssa suggested it to me my freshman year of college. I have loved it the whole time except till about six months ago when it started to dry out and has ceased to line my eyes as well.

I really have loved it, but I haven't even used half of it and its getting dry and hard to work with. First of all do you have any suggestions on how to make the rest last by re-moisturizing it?

and secondly, do you have another suggestion of a great, amazing, eyeliner that is good quality, long lasting, and hypoallergenic?

Funny fact, but I am actually rather allergic to most name brands like maybelline, loreal, etc. Clinique is normally my go-to brand for eye makeup, but I've found that their eyeliner doesn't last very long...

so, help?


DIY project 2

This is definitely the biggest, and probably the absolute last DIY project that Jer is going to be willing to help me with. Since we got married I've been trying to get all of our various family collection furniture to match so that it doesn't look like we mixed and matched so much. For example, our kitchen table is a like colored oak, our nightstands are a medium mahogany color, and our dresser and desk were a dark cherry.

And as you can see to someone like me who is slightly a OCD person. Ok maybe really OCD, it was kinda driving me, NUTS!

So originally the idea was we'd recolor both our TV stand (which was a lighter mahogany-almost darker oak) and our nightstands. I didn't realize how much work it would be. And how tired my husband would become of painting so quickly. So we stopped at the TV stand. But my goodness, it looks so much better and I seriously love it. So now basically all our furniture is dark like I wanted.


So stupidly, I didn't take a before or during. And I don't have one single photo from our entire marriage of that piece of furniture. But you get the idea of the color. Kind of.


We sanded it down, and then painted it. It was a lot of help to have Grandpa Smith there to guide us and to make sure we did it right. Thanks so much Grandpa!

I'm really happy with it, and how it goes with the rest of our family room/kitchen area. The good news is that we are almost all done with decorating our apartment. I'll be glad when its done.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Family pictures 2011

In honor of my parents leaving on their mission for a year and a half, and our new addition to the family we wanted to do some family photos to have on our walls. Jer's good friend Samantha and her cute little family drove all the way down from Idaho for a weekend to take them for us. We are so grateful to them, and absolutely LOVE them! I am quite seriously having some printed today to hang in our photo collage.

Here are some of my absolute favorites:
{Please don't pay attention to my desperately needing roots. I'm trying to grow them out instead of re-dyeing them}

These are just my absolute favorites, but all of Sam's top picks were amazing! If any of you have pictures you need taken and you're closer to Idaho than I am, I highly suggest using her!

Here is her website if you're interested: 

Thanks Sam! Sorry it took us soooo long to post these!

Bitter-sweet goodbye

It's official guys! We are finally up and running. Thank goodness, because I have seriously been missing blogging! So a little over two weeks ago we finally sent my parents off to Honolulu, Hawaii for their 18 month mission. Needless to say its been a hard two weeks for me to not have access to my parents. Does that sound ridiculous? I am such a home body, and even though I've really been moved out of the house since I started college four years ago, I have been used to going home almost every weekend to visit my parents.

Sending my parents off,

was not fun. But I kept a stiff upper lip for them right until they went through security and then Jer hurriedly rushed me away which was actually good so I didn't upset them. I am anxiously counting down the next six months until we get to go out for two weeks to visit. Yes that's right! We get two whole weeks out in Hawaii while they are stuck in the office to spend on the beach. But we get weekends with them which is definitely going to be totally worth it.

Until then we are spending our now free sunday's with other family. Want to adopt us for a Sunday?


Saturday, August 06, 2011


Who knew qwest was so darn expensive?! ANd slow to install? Sheesh. Sorry guys. We'll be back up and running Monday with fully active intranet. And thank goodness too since I have so much to post about the move, tons of diy projects I did, and lots of photos including our family photos and three weddings. Two of which me, myself, and I was the photographer of! July and august sure have been busy!