Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 16: Fishing with the guys

For a city girl, I soon will be doing many not city things while married. I love that I am marrying someone who is into camping, hiking, fishing, and other outdoors activities because my family never did those things when I was growing up.

So today I tested my skills at fishing...with a new pole and fishing license in hand, along with Jer, and his Grandpa Smith. We went to a lake called 'Smith and something' up in the Uintahs up past Kamas and Oakley. I can't say I was much entertainment, I slept the whole way up and down. But I certainly kept them going while we were fishing, teaching me how to cast properly, repairing my line, and unsnagging my line from theirs every couple of minutes.

I actually enjoyed it and even though I didn't actually get to touch any of my own fish (because I haven't mastered reeling them in properly yet), I got to hold a couple of Jared's in between my now almost perfect casts. And I learned quite a couple new things about my soon to be husband while out today. There are millions of reasons why I love Jared, but I gained a whole new list of reasons for when we are fishing so here are the top fifteen just from today....

1. He kissed me everytime he had to come fix my line or pole, even though it was completely inconvenient for him

2. He put the nasty trout bait on my hook the first couple of times until I got the gumption to

3. He didn't get upset when I said "I know!" after I had let ANOTHER fish go because of improper technique while reeling it in

4. He didn't get upset when I broke two bubble's (the things you fill with water above the hook to make it sink down) by cracking them on rocks when I drew back to cast

5. He didn't laugh at me when my first couple casts only went about, oh, maybe four feet

6. He let me try and take the hook out of the first fish he caught, but I only got it more stuck and he didn't mind...

7. He kindly lent me the roll of toilet paper he had brought to use as tissues, so that I could go to the bathroom, about three times

8. He smiled when I finally got one fish all the way to my feet before it got off the line

9. He kept me entertained by sticking his tongue out at me and making faces at me

10. He let me use his black jacket when the wind picked up

11. He came and sat by me when I got stubborn and discouraged at my lack of fish results

12. He didn't care that I used almost half his brand new bottle of orange flourescent trout bait because it kept getting eaten or lost because of the fish

13. He fixed my brand new pole when I thought I had broke it (turns out I had somehow loosend a screw?)

14. He still held my hand on the way home even though it was covered with nasty smelling trout bait

15. And he didn't expect me to have amazing results my first real fishing trip

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 17: Boredom at its Best

So Jer was feeling pretty sick today, not sure whether it was from his adventurous weekend shooting and fishing, or whether he caught a bug, or whether its the wedding stress and lack of sleep from so much work that finally caught up to him. I'm thinking a combination of all of the above.

None the less, I took him to Sacrament meeting today after our meeting with the Stake President where he signed off on us getting sealed, and then brought Jer home right after. He was having trouble with energy and aches and a headache and just feeling overall dizzy and woozy. So, being the mother/nurse type that I am immediately made him drink a whole glass of O.J., eat a PB&J, then had him take two Tylenol PM rapid release, and sent him downstairs for a nap.

Well then instead of going back to church, I wanted to stay home just in case he needed me. So I finished all the favors we needed assembled, and finished addressing the last of the invitations (only a week late going out), and then assembled my temple bag with all my newly bought temple garments. Now what?

Well, I went and got dad's Nikon professional and started taking pictures. Some of them are quite good, and I had fun playing with the focus. It makes me rethink if I should go into photography...just kidding! But I would absolutely LOVE to take a photography class and upgrade to a nice camera from my point-and-shoot.

Just for Em

Personally my favorite

And then dad told me to stop.

Fun over. That's ok. Someday, someday. 

Now Jer is up and going and we're off to a BBQ with his mom, Sis, bro-in-law and niece up Millcreek Canyon.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 18: girls just want to have fun

My single friends shower was just a blast! It was themed as a 'Continuing Dating Shower' and Em, my maid of honor did an absolutely amazing job with the decorations, the food, and everything. I enjoyed spending time with friends and talking about Jer and I, and our plans of moving, school, and leftover wedding planning. We ate some delicious and adorable little pancakes with nutella, and then some cute cookies Em had stayed up until five in the morning making. I'm sad about the girls who didn't come, but I understood seeing as it was memorial weekend and lots of people went on vacation.

 The amazing decorations and food that Emily worked so hard on!

Then Em, Awi, and I spent the rest of the day cleaning up, running errands, and relaxing. We took all the gifts back to my house, picked up Jer and I's baby pictures to make the video, and then watched Sherlock Holmes which Awi had never seen before.

Then Bill came over (he's back from the academy), and we all went to Cafe Rio! It was loads of fun, and I've missed these fun outings we used to have like in High School. The only things that were missing was Gregg and Adam. Then Em, Bill, and I went to see Robin Hood which is amazing, but its harder to pay attention even to a good movie, when you are COMPLETELY exhausted. Overall it was a very fun day but I still missed Jer who was out fishing all day.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 19: finding the frames for the pictures

Would you be shocked if I told you we need approximately 45 pictures to display around our reception? There is an entire three shelf hutch to fill, plus tables, the entrance, and some random tables around the area. Basically where ever you look, you will see pictures of Jer and I. We don't have troubles finding pictures to display as we have about 100 between our bridals, engagements, and proposal. No, its collecting and figuring out which size frames we still need or whatnot.

Well, my mother didn't believe me after I guestimated on how many we'd need to decorate the reception center. It didn't go over well.

We drove home and jumped into action once we got home figuring out which picture frames we could use just for June 17th from 6-8 p.m. instead of putting a ton of money into pictures frames.

The next daunting task will be figuring out aesthetically which picture(s) should go on which table....decisions, decisions. That will be even more stressful then today I think. I'm sure I'm going to get an ulcer from all this. I hope its all worth the work once the reception comes!

P.S. I put a counter on the blog to see if anyone actually reads it, and surprisingly about 25 per day do! That makes me glad that people are actually reading my blog, and this isn't all for waste. Shout-out to all those who check my blog each day, I would have stopped doing daily updates a week ago if my best girl friend Em hadn't said she reads them everyday.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 20: D.I. and consignment

For your entertainment...

I love this ad! Even though I will absolutely NEVER drive a minivan. I simply refuse. I'd rather drive my children around in a smaller car then a minivan. A crossover would be ideal though!

Ok, so I did some major trips to the D.I. today. Two whole giant boxes full of clothes and things that I haven't worn in years and probably won't ever again. The only things I can't quite make myself part with yet is all my dance clothes. I'd rather give it to my nieces then to D.I. so I might do that. It was quite the task trying to load the heavy boxes into my car. Too bad my strong, handsome man was at home sleeping from his grave shift.

I also went and tried to sell some things to consignment and a second hand store near Gateway which takes gently used name brand items. They took some of my things, but surprisingly didn't want my Abercrombie Jeans, so I'll keep those for activities I can hurt my clothes in like hiking, camping, or fishing.

My room is slowly getting taken apart, which is a good thing. But its also sad. But there are lots of new and exciting adventures to come and I can't wait!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 21: spiders

As I've been cleaning, organizing, and de-cluttering my bedroom I have been finding all kinds of nice surprises under piles, behind furniture, and in my closet. I live in the basement mainly because its cooler down there and I completely enjoy it. Except for the spiders. If they're dead, I'm fine. If they're alive, its totally another matter. Jared will have to also get used to a lot of bug killing because unless its a fast mover, I scream and let my dad do it.

The funny thing is if it is one I feel like I need to kill, I'm more likely to grab hairspray and suffocate it then I am to step on it. Odd? I dunno. I just know whenever I would find them in the bathroom I'd spray them with Lysol until they stopped moving. No, I don't agree with PETA's feelings regarding bugs, couldn't you tell?

As I was cleaning today I was thinking how grateful I was I wouldn't have to deal with it anymore...and then I remembered we're moving into a basement apartment (yet again for the cooler temperatures). Lovely. Hopefully the windows are sealed really well. I'll need to invest in a clothes hamper that is lifted off the ground so they don't get in my clothes to surprise me when I do the laundry. Speaking of which I'd better get going with my piles.

Here's the only thing that I did today for wedding.

My dad spray painted it white, and then I did the ribbon. I wish I had a before picture, but I didn't think to do that. The idea of a birdcage is something I've always wanted to have at my reception. I saw one at a friends reception used as places to collect the cards that some guests bring as their gift and I loved it, so that's what we're doing. And of course it completely ties in with my idea of antique/vintage style!

BTW exactly three weeks from today I will be a MARRIED WOMAN!!! It seriously can't come faster!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 22: its starting to look like summer

My hopes are starting to get up as the temperature goes up, and the stormy clouds lift. I'm sure even if I doesn't rain or snow one single day in June leading up to my wedding, I'll still be nervous about it the day before because I really would like it to NOT rain on our wedding day. Even though my photographer is amazing and talented and can work with any situation, my hair isn't as versatile and frizzy hair isn't really my ideal look. Oh well!

So to explain about yesterday-Jared was grumpy, which made me grumpy. Mom was stressed, which made me stressed. I was bored, which only left me to focus on those two emotions. Sorry for the outburst.

But you'll be happy to know today was filled with a bunch of moments where I stopped and thought, "I'm so grateful I'm alive and today is today." First I woke up without an alarm-clock. Not normally my favorite but I prayed for it because I couldn't find my phone when I was climbing into bed, and I was picking up a friend of a friend at the Greyhound station today and couldn't be late. I was in fact early. Go me. The fact that the Lord still sees fit to grant me some tender mercies even when I was totally difficult yesterday makes me feel good.

I then went and got ready for this before mentioned person I was picking up, because I was pretty gross. I got ready to Tim McGraw's 'Greatest Hits' CD, and his 'Live Like You Were Dying' CD. I may not be a country girl (at all) but I still love to sing to it with the best hick accent that I can muster while I'm doing my hair. This also made me smile. Mainly thinking about what Jer's going to do when he witnesses this for the first time once were married.

As I was getting ready I found a new favorite perfume I thought had gone missing, and smiled because I was glad I got to wear it. And then I put on the Smashbox blush that Sephora was selling for only $5 last week. Come on, how can getting an amazing product for a steal, not get any make-up loving girl to smile?

Then I found a pair of Vigoss jeans that had been hidden in the back of my closet since high school, and guess what? They still fit! That definitely made me smile.

And as we all know (or so my roommate Sasha told me which she learned from her psychology class) smiling changes your brain chemistry, releasing something like endorphins, and endorphins make you happy, and happy women just don't kill their husbands. Jer will be so glad!

And then I drove into SLC, and the sun was out and the birds were chirping, and I got to go to Cafe Rio (my absolute favorite) for lunch. And then I made this wonderful Dr. Pepper Chocolate Cake, all from scratch and took it to Jared's impromptu neighborhood BBQ and every single person who ate it told me how DELICIOUS it was. And it made me smile, because I actually made a recipe the very first time without ruining it!

I was walking on clouds today. I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 23: Congratulations

We've been engaged over three months now, and people are BARELY getting to congratulating me on the engagement. I can totally understand people waiting to give me congratulations in person because that's well, more personable and I appreciate it more. And don't get me wrong, I really do appreciate being congratulated in honest and congenial ways.

But when people who I've had contact with since the engagement, whether on facebook or even in person, are barely saying "congratulations on your engagement" over text or facebook chat, it just makes it seem cheap using that form of communication, and especially the way it is expressed. Like they just barely noticed and feel obligated, not because they care, but because its socially required. It takes the true meaning out of it, and it almost sounds like they're spitting nails rather than being warm and friendly. Especially when its someone whose already gone through marriage, and are just congratulating the next one in line, but with the attitude 'I've already gone through this so yours isn't important'. Has anybody else noticed this or is it just me?

I suppose this is how it'll be all through life, once we're married (finally), and then when we have children (in five good long years), and then when we're empty nesters (in a really really long time). It just seems like these rare and precious experiences get turned into petty little opportunities for others to gawk at you. Or worse yet when they try and stick it to you about how much better theirs was than yours. It truthfully gets so old I could scream. I guess its just all part of the ordeal though and I'd better get used to it. 

Anyways, my mother had an brilliant idea to try and take some of the name brand things I was sending to the D.I. to a consignment store instead. So today I hauled in two HUGE bags of almost every single one of my Abercrombie shirts from when I worked there, and all the purses that were stacked in my closet. I got a whole $25, but that's still more than I would have gotten from taking them to the D.I. I didn't think to take the jeans that aren't garment appropriate, so I'll take those in on Wednesday and see if they'll take them. I'm so glad to finally be getting rid of all these clothes, especially the Abercrombie clothes. I seriously was a walking advertisement for them my senior year of high school. I have graduated to cute, no-brand on my shirt clothes, and am grateful I made the transition.

I have also officially printed my 'Friends Address List' to stuff and address all those invites tonight. So if I asked for your address and you didn't get it to me, sorry but tough luck.

RULE #3 for a engaged girl: although they are the fashionable thing to do, and very convenient to not have to do touch-ups on your nails...keep your acrylic nails short, or don't get them. I jammed my thumb into my steering wheel going to the consignment store and pulled the nail back far and it still hurts very VERY bad a couple hours later.

P.S. I've had a lot of people asking for pictures of the bridals. I won't even let my mother-in-law see the bridal pictures until after the wedding, let alone all of my family and friends. I will however put up some pictures Jared from our bridals.

Isn't he just so handsome?

Oh my goodness do I love this man

Look at that stud! And he's all mine!

Thanks go to my dad for the pictures seeing as I was standing in a dress, with a veil, and flowers in my hands busy posing. I can't wait for the wedding when I get to first kneel and then stand by this handsome man!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 24: lazy sunday

Today was Sunday, so it was our chance to meet with the bishop for our recommends because the wedding is only three weeks away! We will soon meet with the Stake President, but still are working out an appointment time. Anyways Jer had to work after church, so I went home and did more address retrieval. I then headed over to Sherries for a neighborhood ice cream party. It was a lot of fun, and everyone was really nice and welcoming to me!

I also finally did the 'Thank You' notes from the VERY first shower...sorry it only took me almost a month....

It'll be interesting to see how long the 'Thank You' notes from the wedding take, because Jared refuses to write addresses thus far because of his 'chicken scratch' so I'll probably get stuck doing it all. Oh well...something to occupy my time after we're married besides working I suppose.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 25: Food storage

Today was my halfway point in showers! I have now had three, and have three more left. It was my Mills' shower and the theme was Food Storage. I'm really glad I picked that because we got some great food storage items, but then also a lot of general cooking/baking goods such as flour and sugar. Goodness knows my new mixer will be put to good use. We also got some of our really needed kitchen items like nice cookie sheets. We are however in dire need of bed sheets, storage containers, and decorative things like lamps, or mirrors. Good thing one of my showers is general housewares.

I think the one thing I am dreading from this marriage is the process of dealing with Target after we get married. We need certain things, and Target's return policy is apparently really difficult/complicated and I'm worried. Very worried.

After the shower I went home and tried to catch up on address trackdown for wedding invitations, and writing thank you notes. I have still not completed either and am exhausted. So goodnight.

P.S. don't ever buy popcorn on an impulse. My body hates me for it currently, and it made for a bad end to a great date. Movie theater popcorn is a BAD IDEA. That's my Number TWO bride's rule/tip.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 26: writing the future

Today was a momentous day for me since my car accident. I finally got a new car, and not only is it new, but it has been my dream car since high school! Its all been very surreal since I found out I could get a Mazda 3.

I love the color, love the interior, love the exterior, love the smoothness of it. The only thing I miss is the true feel of a manual. This has the option of moving from automatic to manual but there's no true clutch so whatever. But I'm moving forward and this is the most eye opening step to me that I am on a journey to 'writing the future'. I have another shower tomorrow and then am going to spend the weekend continuing to take apart my bedroom, and stuff all the rest of the invites.

P.S. Watch this ad. Its awesome, and makes me want to get more involved in soccer.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 27: walls

this is not what you think it is. It's not a talk about emotional walls or anything like that. Its about the walls in my bedroom that I put all my dance pictures on. Yes, I know, father taught me at a young age to not put tape on the walls. Well I didn't listen. So in the process of completely taking apart my room I have been removing those pictures...and this is what it has done to my bedroom wall

See the places where I had so stupidly put DUCT TAPE on the wall so my pictures would stick? Yes, we (dad and I) have some serious remodeling to do in my room.

Yes, that's the second layer of the cover to the sheet rock I believe. Oops. 

Anyways invites are almost finished, all 500 of them. They will be out in the mail starting tomorrow for family and ending monday with all Jer and I's personal friends. I spent about 45 mins. tonight just sealing 150 invites.

Last night Jer and I stuffed every single one of his 250 invites while watching Avatar. For those of you who knew, I was dragging my feet to watch Avatar. The only thing I can say for it is that it swore. A lot. And I dislike sci-fi movies for a reason. The action and things jumping out and chasing the guy kept me entertained but that was about it. But hey, I gave it a chance because Jared really, really, REALLY wanted to watch it. And I love him, and this made him happy. He such a great fiance for many reasons, but especially that he's watched many chick flicks with me. So it was my turn to surrender movie choice privileges. So I did. I love my man!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 28: patience

I haven't learned that virtue yet. What else is there to say?

As I spent today waiting for the car to be ready for me to test drive it (hopefully tomorrow) and had nothing to do (I conveniently forgot it all)  I spent my day laying on my bed remembering when Jer and I first started dating. It was all such a whirlwind, and sometimes (today) I find myself wishing I could re-live it all. All the awkward hugs before our first kiss, all the wonderful conversations getting to know each other, all of the whirlwind romance.

Even though we're almost eleven months from when we first started dating, he still makes me smile, and often he is the only one who knows what I am thinking at opportune moments. Its just that our love has evolved, and changed. But as my cousin April was telling me, that's what marriage is about, "being able to love someone no matter what happens." I can't wait for the next month to go by, let alone being able to spend the rest of forever with my sweetheart.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 29: second bridals

I'll have to make this quick to have it be the entry for the 29th day from MY WEDDING. Today was filled only with continuing to rip apart, and de-cluter my life to downsize all the crap I have to fit into our new tiny apartment, and more importantly into the closet that will soon be mine. I sorted through all my shoes and purses, and that took a good couple hours. It's ridiculous and yet believable that from working at a shoe store (Famous Footwear) for almost a year, I bought so many shoes. Half of which I basically never wear, or haven't seen since high school. I am arking (sending to the D.I.) over 15, maybe 20 pairs of shoes that are so out of style, ugly, or don't fit that I can't conceivably imagine myself ever wearing them again. I then went through all my purses, whether dirty, torn, broken, or just plain juvenile and am arking all of them except two. One I shall keep as a back up to my everyday pink Coach purse, and the other to use for church books and scriptures. Tomorrow I shall turn my attention to my books, and then my accessories (scarfs, belts, hats, etc).

It's really sad to see how much stuff I thought was wonderful over the years, and now I just look at it as junk. The amount of money invested in this 'stuff' is ridiculous. I think I should go to a shopaholics anonymous group. Or maybe caring more about having an apartment and food on the table will force me to change my ways. It's all about growing up.

After that I did my hair, makeup, and had Jer help me pack up all my wedding attire to go take a second round of bridals. I know I already had one set just last week, but these ones were done by a friend and will be the pictures displayed at the reception. The other bridal photos I can see, but to use them for the reception I have to either buy the copyright, or pay a small fortune per photo. This way I will save some money, and have a multitude of beautiful pictures at my reception. And in three years I will get to have my engagments and bridals to use as I want per the rules of Gallery Photography.

 (All the bobby pins from my hair...can you say bobby pin headache?)

So thank you so much to Jer who helped haul my heavy dress to Joseph Smith Memorial Building today in the pouring rain. He's a sweetheart and I can't wait for our wedding day!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 30: starting to stuff

The countdown has officially started and the list has suddenly gotten longer then I thought it was. Hopefully with not working I won't get mega stressed out about it. Thank goodness I have an amazing mother whose job is planning huge events for her law firm.

In my last post I said I wouldn't post any pictures of the bridals. Well I figured posting a picture of the bouquet would be appropriate and just enough to show you a taste of my wedding...

Aren't they just gorgeous? As the florist said, I had a very specific view of the flowers I wanted and what I didn't want. What I didn't want included normal roses, daises, tulips, or lilies. What I did want was peonies, only problem is that they're out of season when I get married. But I got to have them for my bridals! And having one of my best friends at my wedding in June was more important than getting the flowers I am in love with for a wedding in May. If you can't tell from the bouquet, the colors for the wedding are lilac, dusty pink, and a light blue. Very vintage, antique, and pastel-y which is definitely my taste. You'll just have to come to the wedding to see all the other details!

Today was spent stuffing the invitations, which is going to result in LOTS of paper cuts. But they're worth it!

RULE 1 for an engaged girl: practice your cursive, it makes it easier for the postman to read the addresses!

Hopefully the car is ready tomorrow. So far no word on that. Jer is at work, and I am at home. Jer is constantly working graves, and then he comes home and sleeps, and then gets up and goes to his other job. I feel so lazy not working. I miss my job, and my patients, and I wish this month would go faster. But there's still plenty to do, so I'll go do it!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our wonderful getaway weekend!

Bridals went AMAZINGLY well with not a smidge of rain and so that was a huge stress off my mother and I. Except Jared and Dad were late. Very late. Reason? Speeding ticket. Oh well, you can't win them all. At least they got there though. I'm really glad that I did groomals/bridals. They are the trendy thing to do and I originally resisted because of the old saying "the groom can't see the bride in her dress before the wedding day", but it just didn't make sense to have tons of pictures of just me. So Jer came along and got to carry the train of my dress and veil. Jared even cried when he saw me in my dress for the first time and we got some amazing photographs of that moment. He looked so handsome and the scenery was gorgeous! I'm really glad we did them at Red Butte Gardens. I can't wait to see them! No pictures will be posted until the wedding. But you can all wait a month right? Right.

Here are some pictures of our great adventure. We had a wonderful weekend which included swimming at the pool, tennis, marathons of NCIS, hiking to emerald pools in Zions, and BRIAN REGAN!!! We loved the getaway, and are already missing St. George. It was so nice to not have to wedding plan. But here it starts again with only ONE MONTH LEFT!!!!!!!!!! The countdown has officially begun and I am sooo glad!

Jer at the pool
My toesies
The beautiful temple Snapdragons
The hike to Emerald Pools in Zions
The waterfalls in between the pools
The upper pool
My parents and us at the top 
The beautiful scenary
Jared's sweet present for me on a log in the river

All in all it was a great trip to be able to unwind. Can't wait for tomorrow!!! Hopefully I'll be able to test drive that car and have my own car again!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

wedding veil

So, after watching about 12.5 hours of movies in the last three days I have finished sewing beads on my six foot wedding veil!!! All in time for the bridals which are TOMORROW! (pray it doesn't rain.) I sewed on through Gone with the Wind, My Fair Lady, Brigadoon, Singin' in the Rain, and Steel Magnolias (my favorite). Didn't prick any fingers thank goodness because red blood on a white veil is not becoming.

But a new red car is very becoming!!! Yes, we are very close to getting me a new car. But not a corolla like we thought. We are waiting on news of a red Mazda 3 tomorrow to know the exact price and be able to test drive it. After hopefully being able to test drive it, we are off for a nice weekend vacation and getaway from wedding planning! My parents, Jer and I are heading down to St. George to see Brian Regan, hike Angel's Landing in Zions, go to the St. George Farmers market, and relax. It'll be wonderful and I'm so excited!

I could definitely do with a break! Because I won't have internet down there I won't be posting until Sunday but I'll definitely put up lots of photos!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Signed on the dotted line

Jer and I drove down to Art City, Utah (Springville) to sign the contract for our apartment! We're both totally stoked and have started planning decorating, furniture, etc. Kinda scary, but also tantalizingly adventurous! Good news for Jared is that our landlord is way into fishing. So it looks like Jared had nothing to worry about when he thought he'd have no one to go fishing with when we moved. 
I'm really worried about the colors we've selected for our bathroom. Jared and I had a deal that I got to choose the colors for the kitchen, and he got to choose the colors for the bathroom. Well, here's the problem. Our bed comforter is red and gold, and Jared chose red and black for the bathroom. Will that be to much red? I don't know. The kitchen will be blue and silver so that will be a nice difference, but still...we'll just have to wait and see how it turns out.

Good news is that tomorrow my totaled car will be sold for scrape metal tomorrow. Best news of my life. Not. However tomorrow I will be test driving a mission car in downtown Salt Lake hopefully around 2 p.m. Its a Corolla but that'll be a great reliable car, and it has less than 50,000 miles on it. I really hope it works out. I'd really like to have a car again. Its twice as much as we wanted to pay for a replacement car, but the only cars we could find for the price we were willing to pay were all rebuilt titles which are apparently REALLY BAD ideas. So yes.

Isn't it funny how life moves along, and even though it changes, it changes for the better often times? And when it doesn't change for the better, the negatives help the person change for the better? I'm so grateful for challenges. I'm so grateful for worries and stresses. It makes me a better person. Stronger and more resilient.  I miss Max, and I'm going to miss my car. I'm going to miss my parents. I'm going to miss being able to live at home.

I am however not going to miss having to go home at curfew, and I am not going to miss wedding planning. It's been fun and all, but this is a hate love relationship that has got to end. Wedding coordinators love our money, but we hate the stress. Its going to be an absolutely beautiful wedding, but mom and I will be grateful to not worry about it anymore.

Basically, I can't wait to be married in a month and SIX DAYS!!!

Summer...isn't meant for school

Most people assumed that I was taking the summer off from school to wedding plan. They were wrong. I am taking one class and today is my realization it isn't going to be as easy as I was expecting. But really how hard can a Book of Mormon class be right? Well its taught by John Bytheway and I'm afraid of how much detail I'm going to need to good luck to me. Today is our first test.

After that Jer and I are going down to Springville to sign the contract for our new apartment!!! We'll start moving furniture in the beginning of June and I can't wait!

Just a side note, after sewing through the entire movie of Gone with the Wind, and Brigadoon I am only 1/4 the way done with my veil. Its going to take A LOT longer then I thought. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to put forth a good ten hours. Today its just not going to happen.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

...It's all in the details...

Today was my Buck wedding shower and it was so much fun! It was so nice to be so supported by family and have such great advice given. Every single gift I was given is something we need and will be very used for our NEW APARTMENT LOCATED IN SPRINGVILLE! yep, that's right. We found one, and will be signing the contract on Monday!

One of the fun games we played today was the gum/question game of the fiance (not sure of the exact title?) I don't have pictures yet, but I certainly got a lot of questions wrong. Some of his supposed answers were rather questionable and I'm pretty sure I had the first kiss date correct and he was WAY off. Women remember the details. But I'll let it slide since I love him so much.

As soon as I got home I started working on my wedding veil because dad finished the sewing, so now I need to do all the beading on my SIX FOOT veil. That's going to take a good eight, maybe ten, or twelve hours. But it will be sooooo worth it. Dad did an amazing job and it's just beautiful! It fits perfectly with the length of my dress and is a wonderful touch. Next on the list are invitations, which even with four or five people are going to take at least five hours to assemble, address, and send. I just hope we don't miss anyone!

Just wanted to leave you with this video. Please take the time to watch it. It puts your life into perspective and helps you to remember how blessed you are. Much love!

Friday, May 07, 2010

Apartment Shopping, Apartment Shopping

Jer and I spent all day from 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. in Springville today looking for an apartment. After seeing 8 apartments we think we MAY have found our new home! Keep your fingers crossed! We'll know by Monday for sure!!! Exciting!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Up or Down???

This is the question that I am focusing on. Since we put Max down I have thrown myself into wedding planning and will continue to do so until I have nothing possibly left to do. Once the list is gone, I will need ideas. Feel free to give me some ideas. Watching movies allows for your mind to wander, and so does reading books. I don't need time to think, I need something to DO.

Anyways, you must be wondering what I mean by UP or DOWN. Its simple. I have absolutely not a stinking clue what to do with my hair for the wedding. Did I mention my practice hair appointment is tomorrow? Yeah. Kinda under the wire to make a decision.

factors playing on my decision:

  1. my hair looses its curl quickly
  2. my hair doesn't look extremely thick when down
  3. my hair is so long it gets ratted near my neck when it is down 
  1. it gives it a nice touch and more balance when wearing a wedding dress to have your hair down
  2. I have rather long shiny hair
  3. I don't want it to look like I have very little hair (because when its up less is visible)
I wanted to look youthful and stunning. Whether or not I'll achieve that is still to be decided. My dress is a statement so I feel like I should have hair to match it. Seriously, I need advice. And if you could provide a link to a picture as a suggestion that would be lovely. HELP!!!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Memoirs of Max

Today my family made a really painful decision. But it was definitely the right thing to do. It was the best act of love we could give to him, and he was ready to go. He could barely stand up and had to be carried to go bathroom. After we buried him under the willow tree in our backyard we went to run some errands because I couldn't stay home and look at the spot where he always used to lay. While we were out we shared our favorite stories of him throughout the years. We all recounted memories of him chasing balls, cuddling with us, nuzzling us with his wet nose, and being my shadow all throughout childhood. Its been a hard day, but I'm starting to get some closure. It's going to take some time to get used to him being gone, but I'll always remember all the wonderful times we had, and scratching his ears.

I love my play mate and will always remember the wonderful 12 years I had with him. It'll be really hard to find any dog comparable when me and Jer start looking for a puppy in a couple years. Props to Jer for coming to the vet with us today, while he held me while I held Max while they put him down. I love him and will miss him terribly.