Friday, March 22, 2013

Celebrity look a-like

Since working at Clinique and focusing on a lot of customer's faces, I've gotten more remarks about mine. That's to be expected of course, but one thing I certainly didn't expect to hear was that I looked like a specific celebrity.

This specific one I've heard before, and funnily enough when her premier movie came out last March and I was standing next to the poster waiting for the Hub's to get snacks so we could go into the theater I had people commenting on how I was a look a-like. I had done my hair in a braid (not trying to copycat just for comfort). I brushed it off thinking it must be a fluke. But then when I had multiple customers comment on how I look 'just-like-that-actress-oh-my-gosh' I started thinking there might be something to it...

What do you think?


Jennifer Lawrence

Please I beg of you give me an honest opinion, my feelings won't be hurt I promise! 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Job: Pro's and Con's

There are tons of pro's to my job.

I get to help women who are truly extreme conservatives with makeup because it scares them try something new and different,
I get to do makeup for proms and dates,
I get to show women new techniques and tricks on how to apply makeup,
and my absolute favorite part of my new job is to see women light up with happiness and confidence when they feel beautiful because of a little change of makeup.

And the solitary downside to my job:

I constantly have makeup stains on my hand from hours and hours of demonstrating colors for eyeliners, lip liners, lipsticks/lipgloss/chubby sticks, foundation, and concealer!

This is after TWO hand washing's and trying makeup remover!

All in all, LOVING life at City Creek Nordstrom

Monday, March 18, 2013

Pinterest Pin Test: Brush Cleaning DIY

When I saw this Pin I knew I had to try it. Seemed really simple and so completely affordable that it is just to good to be true right?

Homemade brush cleaner:
1/4 cup vinegar
1 tsp of dawn soap (I just used my own face wash)
And warm water all in a cup-let sit/stir until all the nastiness has come out then
wash under the faucet until water runs clear, shape and dry laying down

As a makeup artist and skincare 'professional' as my day job now, I figured it was time to start taking my own advice to all my customer's and start cleaning my own brushes everyday to help reduce on bacteria transfer and put an end to acne breakouts.

Well the results were undeniably successful!

And now that I've started cleaning them after every use (soaking and soaping included) I've already started to notice less breakouts except for those monthly ones. Hallelujah right?!

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

On the move again...

I told you a couple days ago that I would explain why I've been so MIA and here it is. We are going to be moving in a little over a week. Our apartment changed the pet policy, and since we're the only tenants with pets we were asked to move within a month period or get rid of our dogs. Since we'll never be getting rid of our family members/children we decided to move on short notice.

While that seems like a bitter pill it actually works out really well so that we can start seriously saving money-more than we previously have-for a down payment on a house. Jared's mom has generously invited us to move into her house since she's rarely ever home and that way we can save the money that would have gone to rent and put it towards a down payment. We're definitely looking at this in a positive light because we've been wanting to move anyways and it will give us five to six months to save up.

Huge upsides of moving is that Adi and Aspen will have a whole backyard to play in and when it warms up they'll be able to stay outside instead of in their crate, and I'll have tons and tons of space to garden to my hearts content. We're also going to help Sherrie refinish the backyard slowly over the summer. I'm really looking forward to being back in North Salt Lake close to our parents and old stomping grounds.

Huge downside is that we are moving away from all our couple friends that we do double dates with, and that Jared is going to have to commute even farther for the rest of the semester. But he's got his Associate's degree so he's going to transfer up to the U for his Bachelors' so that commuting will only last for a little over a month.

Here's to packing, cleaning, and moving!

Our second D.I. pile just keeps getting larger and larger. We've already taken three full trash bags already, but I'm highly motivated to truly do some deep cleaning since I don't want to have to move all this crap!

p.s. packing up all your crap is time intensive and sucks

p.p.s. cleaning up after you've packed sucks even worse

p.p.p.s. fresh starts and change are always the bright lights at the end of the moving tunnel

Sunday, March 03, 2013

First Day at Clinique

Here is what I wore:

Sorry I've been MIA for so long, it's been a busy transition and a couple things completely unexpected have come up on top of a new job so my stress level has been pretty high. I'll update you all in a day or so about the new changes happening for our little family. But in the meantime I'm loving life at Nordstrom and Clinique, I really think I've found my niche!

Come say hi if you're ever at City Creek!

p.s. please disregard the dirty laundry basket in the background...there's always more where that came from.