Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Baby Product Review: Blooming Bath

One of the baby items I bought I was sure I would regret after Hilton arrived was this item. It's meant for a kitchen size sink but can fit into a deep bathroom sink as well. However the last thing you think of with a newborn is sitting them up for a bath.You always see them lying down in little newborn tubs so I put this in the back of the closet thinking for sure it would never be used. However once he outgrew his newborn tub-which was relatively fast since I have such a long baby-we pulled out the Blooming Bath and tried it out in the sink and love it.

  • It's perfect because it doesn't constrict him but offers cushion and warmth from the cold hard sink. 
  • It is easy to maintain-the wash and wear recommendations are to put it in the dryer after each bath. However I personally wash and dry it once a week in the washing machine and hang dry it the other days and it dries out quickly so it never smells mildewy and doesn't leave a puddle in my kitchen
  • The fabric is super soft 
  • The unique design is shaped so that it helps support baby to sit up while supporting their back as well
  • Our sink must be larger than the average kitchen sink because it isn't a perfect fit. It only covers about three of the four sides of the sink, so I just sit him against the side it does cover and have his feet face the uncovered side
  • It moves around very easily in the inside of the sink, so if you have a squirmer like I do you'll either be fighting to keep it in place or let it move with them in which case it doesn't really protect completely from them being in contact with the sink
  • The recommendations to help the Blooming Bath dry faster are to wring it out, and then put it in the dryer after each use. Firstly because it is essentially a big sponge wringing it out doesn't really do much unfortunately, and drying it after each bath which is every day for us is just silly. I found its easier to just let it hang dry above my sink and that dries it out sufficiently
 Overall we love this product! I definitely wish that it came in a larger size for bigger sinks, however we have made due and found that if we hook the tag on the back onto the drain stopper it stays put rather well. It has been a life saver for this 'in-between' phase while he was still figuring out how to sit up and how to maneuver in water. I love how much it truly cushions him and protects him from the hard sink edges. If he falls or hits the side with a limb while he is splashing the water in his haphazard manner I don't have to worry about him getting hurt.

I am definitely not looking forward to kneeling by the bathtub for a half hour now that he has almost outgrown the sink! I'm trying to make it last as long as possible but I'm afraid that it isn't that far away.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Swings and things

I recently decided that Hilton needed something fun in the backyard and started searching. I found this cute little play swing and since we have the perfect tree in the backyard to hang it from I went and got it. I'm so glad too because Hilton loves it!

A lot of our time these days is made up of Hilton exploring his world. Specifically with anything and everything I let him touch or inspect it goes straight to his mouth. Adorable and gross all at the same time.

This stage is easily my favorite, the tender newborn phase is definitely past and I'm already starting to see a lot of Hilton's desire for independence. He wants to explore and inspect everything he comes in contact with so I foresee lots and lots of time in the outdoors and doing new things like going to the zoo or Cherry Hill or other water parks. He's full of energy and honestly loves watching people. He's fully entertained when we go to stores, which is nice because I can then do my shopping and he's easy going. Once we get in the car to come home is a totally different subject though.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Your Seventh Month

Again I cannot believe another month has come and gone! You are already done with your month's worth of swim lessons and by the last class you were splashing and giggling and just being super happy. Definitely an improvement from the first class, you don't mind getting water in your ears and are okay being flipped from tummy to back and vice versa in the water.

You have decided you hate vegetables all of a sudden and so I've tried to introduce new fruits and foods including blueberries, plums, and peaches. You love all of the new foods I've tried with you so hopefully we'll ease you back into some vegetables that you'll eat. You're still eating about five ounces a bottle at this point. Still every two hours or sooner. Unfortunately you are still spitting up a lot so sometimes you have to eat sooner than every two hours.

We have recently moved you up to nine month clothing, we'll see how long you stay in it. You're growth has been consistent so we will see! You are still in size three diapers and I think that will be the case for a while! They are still a comfortable fit so until you're next growth spurt we will be good for a while.

You finally started sleeping through the night about a week ago! It was such a miracle. I woke up the first night you did it really confused as to why I hadn't woken up to feed you and rushed in to check on you (as quietly as possible) and you were still snoozing away. It's been so nice to have this phase continue and I hope we don't have any sleep regression anytime soon!

You are starting to get close to crawling I think, the baby gate is officially up either way. You can turn yourself around and scoot on your belly, and can get from sitting to your belly easily, and then to your back. You can't quite sit up on your own, but I think its just a matter of time. You love walking in your baby walker at Grandma and Grandpa's and you love playing in your jumper at home. You are so curious and inquisitive about everything. You love seeing and inspecting new items, which of course go straight into your mouth. We're working on it. I'm excited to start doing some play dates to get your socialized with other babies. You're such a sweet inquisitive baby I think they'll go well but we will see!

Daddy is loving your sweet giggles and squals! We've found all your ticklish spots and use them frequently.

Mommy is loving your sweet smile, it's looking like you might have dimples like her.

The puppies are loving when you don't like eating your solids, you take a mouthful and if you don't like it will spit it out over the side of the high chair. They're more than happy to help clean the floor.

We love you so much little man, I can't imagine life without you!