Sunday, October 24, 2010


So when I have weeks like this past one, my body begins to hate me. And when my body begins to hate me, I begin to hate everything. When I get too busy to even eat, its like I become the walking dead. But somehow I push myself through the stress, then when its finally over the bill arrives and I just am not nice. My husband, plus many others, experienced my hypoglycemic event this week. All I can say now that I have caught up on my sleep, and eaten enough calories to make me happy is, I'm truly sorry. Bless your big hearts for being able to laugh it off and realize that when I don't get enough to eat, I am not myself. I promise to try harder to eat more consistently...even if that means frequent pop-tarts, oranges, and bagels.

P.S. we went pumpkin patch to come soon (:

Saturday, October 16, 2010

.date night with my parents.

My sweet parents came down today after they found out I'd be alone this weekend again. We headed over to the MOA (museum of art) at BYU so that we could see Tissot's art exhibit "The Life of Christ". It was wonderful. Every single piece of art in the exhibit was made with watercolor, and they were sooo detailed. So amazing!

 (Note the hair change? yes MUCH darker with a tint of red. Thaa-ank you Lauren!)

 My wonderfully amazing parents, I owe them so much!

Then I talked my parents into driving through Provo Canyon to Heber to see the beautiful falls colors, and to go to Granny's for their so delicious milk shakes.

(See the closing date on the sign? Yeah, you should definitely go before then! Much better then Pace's dairy ann in B-town)

Afterwards they took me back to Springville, and then headed home because my father has to teach priesthood tomorrow. But that left me alone at home barely after six. So I went and borrowed some movies from Jackson and Brianne, and headed home to spend my time. Well I've already watched two, have given myself a manicure with my new nail polish from Sephora,

and have eaten a butt load of chocolate. Any suggestions as to what to do to entertain myself? I've even cleaned the apartment! And I'm soooooo bored without Jer here...not exactly how I imagined our four month anniversary, but all in all it was a good day. Thanks mom and dad for the day/night out!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


For this past month I've had fabric sitting in our storage closet with my sewing machine, waiting to be made into pillows for our new couch. Of course only 'new' because no one besides us has sat on it since we got it over a month ago. Someone should come fix that (hint hint).

Doesn't that look so comfy and inviting? See, you should come visit. (:

And see these stellar pillows? yeah, made by yours truly!

See those beauties? Instead of paying 20$ per generic pillow (from what I found in stores) I decided I'd rather have personalized pillows that were the colors I wanted for the kitchen. Sure it was some work, but overall I'm very pleased with the outcome! And I love them that much more that I created them with my own hands.

I'm definitely molly mormon now!

But a video a Professor showed in my freshman year makes me feel a lot better about all my DIY projects...

Take a moment and watch it.

P.S. today I changed my hair color. Super seriously love love love it. Pictures to come soon!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

.hunting season.

For the next two weekends Jer is gone hunting these....

(elk if you didn't know)

So that leaves me with plenty of this....

So to stay occupied I will finally be able to finish all these projects. FINALLY. Stay tuned for pictures of the finished products. Until then I will be at home making things for our apartment missing my husband. I really dislike this whole concept of leaving the wife behind while the husband goes out for man time....oh well.

Monday, October 04, 2010


Thanks to Sarah over at Proofred, we have a new header! I LOVE it and couldn't have asked for anything better.

I actually knew Sarah in high school, and now follow her cute family on the Excell blog. She has started up this new blog to help other bloggers find their own writing style, as well as to guide them to write in a grammatically correct way.

She also is making headers for those who would like a more personalized feel for their blog. She did mine this weekend, and after a few drafts it is a success! You can find her Proofred blog at the link below.