Sunday, February 21, 2010


After eight months of dating, Jared proposed! I truthfully wasn't expecting it at all; Jared had convinced me that it wouldn't happen for another couple months, which made it that much more of a shock.
Jer asked me if I would like to go to temple square today after church and walk around, and I agreed because the weather was so nice. When we got there we stopped to talk to some sister missionaries, and then started walking around the grounds. There were some random people in normal clothes walking around all bundled up and we were pretty absorbed in our own little world, so I didn't notice my parents hiding poised with cameras.
We started to walk around to the east side of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, which has a great deal of significance for us. It actually is where we first said we loved each other, and how fitting he brought me back to this personal place to do such a personal thing.

He stopped right in front of a bench and jokingly said, "Why don't we just get married already?" to which I responded, "Well if you'd just propose already..." He then gently sat me down and handed me a ring of three antique looking keys with a blue ribbon attached

and then started to all became a blur as soon as he got down on his knee, but he told me afterwards that he said, "These keys represent love, sacrifice, and trust, and they symbolize the keys to my heart". He then told me to pull the blue ribbon out of his pocket until I reached the other end which is where the ring was.

He took it off the ribbon and then asked me to marry him. I of course said yes!
The wedding will be June 16th exactly one year after we met, with the reception on the 17th! I can't wait to marry my best friend and the man of my dreams!!!


Emily said...

Love you guys! Cutest story ever! I'm so happy you got pictures!

Katie and Rob said...

I just found this, I'm so excited to have another blog buddy! yay! anywho!

Anonymous said...

Oh that is such a cute proposal!!! Such a romantic soon to be hubby!!