Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nordies Promotion

Sorry for my February Funk...its been a busy couple of weeks and seasonal depression has definitely descended on our house, but I'm ready to get back into normal daily routines including blogging. I wanted to spill the beans on my big news and exciting opportunity as one of my many fresh starts.

After only seven months working for Nordstrom and one promotion within my department, I have been offered another promotion as a Clinique Specialist at the City Creek Nordstrom. I am completely head-over-heels over this new opportunity and challenge! It's definitely going to put me out of my comfort zone, but will be absolutely rewarding as I learn new concepts and tasks. My first day is the 20th of this month, which only gave me a little over a week to say goodbye to my team but it's a good goodbye.

Come see me at City Creek, for really anything if even to just say Hello!

Bonus: one more thing scratched off my Bucket List!

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Alex said...

Yay congrats!!