Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Swings and things

I recently decided that Hilton needed something fun in the backyard and started searching. I found this cute little play swing and since we have the perfect tree in the backyard to hang it from I went and got it. I'm so glad too because Hilton loves it!

A lot of our time these days is made up of Hilton exploring his world. Specifically with anything and everything I let him touch or inspect it goes straight to his mouth. Adorable and gross all at the same time.

This stage is easily my favorite, the tender newborn phase is definitely past and I'm already starting to see a lot of Hilton's desire for independence. He wants to explore and inspect everything he comes in contact with so I foresee lots and lots of time in the outdoors and doing new things like going to the zoo or Cherry Hill or other water parks. He's full of energy and honestly loves watching people. He's fully entertained when we go to stores, which is nice because I can then do my shopping and he's easy going. Once we get in the car to come home is a totally different subject though.

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Katie A. said...

Oh melissa, he is soooooo Cute!