Sunday, December 07, 2014

You Eleventh Month

This has been a big month for you! You are already starting to balance without holding onto anything! We suspect you will be walking by the time you are a year old, but if you don't no pressure. I'm honestly OK to not have to baby proof more than we already have at this point. But it's not too far away that we will have to finally put hardware on all the doors and drawers in the kitchen and then baby lock them. I caught you opening the cabinet under the kitchen sink which is where I keep all my cleaning supplies. Needless to say I'm definitely not ready to be chasing a running toddler especially in public. I think I forgot to mention this but you have mastered climbing up the stairs. One day you just started going up a stair at a time and now if I leave the door to the stairs open you just cruise right up them and giggle the whole way.

Your flirting has reached a high, wherever we go you catch eye contact with somebody and start flirting. Today in the line at Costco you started cheesing at the sweet lady behind us, and started tilting your head to the side as far as you could and when she mimicked the motion of head tilting you started laughing so hard! We have also found a couple new ticklish spots, right between the thighs and hip bone on the inside and then if we stroke up your spine you squeal and squirm.

You have had four teeth pop up in the past week on the top! They are just under the surface and we think two have broken through just barely yesterday. You have been more fussy than normal and just wanting to be held all day. It's been pretty manageable with tylenol but we're definitely hoping that they're all completely through in the next week so you aren't in pain anymore. You're still in size 18 month clothing, I think they'll last for at least another couple months. You're also still in size 4 diapers which also will last quite a while longer.

We've almost got you completely switched over to whole milk which is so nice. We're just finishing up using the rest of our remaining formula and then you'll be completely switched over. Hallelujah! It's definitely been a rough transition but it's been so nice to not have to worry about packing it around if we go out and it's definitely forced you to start eating more and more solids and especially set meals. Or I should say it's forced us to have set meals and snack times, and restrict you to only having bottles when you go down for a nap or bedtime. You are loving muffins, pancakes, bacon, green beans, and pizza bites this month.

We love you so much little monkey! We can't imagine life without you and are excited to see how you change in the future.

Daddy: is loving how much you laugh being called 'Shark Bait oo-oo-ah' from Finding Nemo

Mommy: is loving your sweet smile and how you nuzzle my neck when you are tired and want to be cuddled

Puppies: are loving how you will literally throw food at them from your high chiar/are not loving how you've learned to take away their toys

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