Monday, June 05, 2017

Graham's Cranial Journey: First two weeks

We've officially been in the helmet for two weeks now and he has finally gotten used to it. The worst days so far have definitely been adjusting into the helmet. Not so much because he disliked the helmet itself; it was much more that he HATES having it taken off and putting it back on. He still does.

The first day he was in for one hour, out for one hour. The second two hours on, two hours off. Then to four hour increments, eight hour increments and then the fifth day he was on full time. Pretty much a pain, but now he's pretty much used to it.

Now that the days are getting warmer we are definitely going to have to avoid a lot of time outside or in the car. Even just thirty minutes outside in the shade yesterday and his head was all sweaty when I took off his helmet while got him ready for bed. He's not a fan of having his hair blow dryed after getting it washed or when he is sweaty so we will see how restricted we are this summer. Otherwise so far so good.

Getting fitted the first day:

At Lagoon:

Surviving with ice cream:

While camping:

Happy as a clam:

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