Saturday, October 16, 2010

.date night with my parents.

My sweet parents came down today after they found out I'd be alone this weekend again. We headed over to the MOA (museum of art) at BYU so that we could see Tissot's art exhibit "The Life of Christ". It was wonderful. Every single piece of art in the exhibit was made with watercolor, and they were sooo detailed. So amazing!

 (Note the hair change? yes MUCH darker with a tint of red. Thaa-ank you Lauren!)

 My wonderfully amazing parents, I owe them so much!

Then I talked my parents into driving through Provo Canyon to Heber to see the beautiful falls colors, and to go to Granny's for their so delicious milk shakes.

(See the closing date on the sign? Yeah, you should definitely go before then! Much better then Pace's dairy ann in B-town)

Afterwards they took me back to Springville, and then headed home because my father has to teach priesthood tomorrow. But that left me alone at home barely after six. So I went and borrowed some movies from Jackson and Brianne, and headed home to spend my time. Well I've already watched two, have given myself a manicure with my new nail polish from Sephora,

and have eaten a butt load of chocolate. Any suggestions as to what to do to entertain myself? I've even cleaned the apartment! And I'm soooooo bored without Jer here...not exactly how I imagined our four month anniversary, but all in all it was a good day. Thanks mom and dad for the day/night out!

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sarah said...

Hey, I used to work at Pace's Dairy Ann! There are a lot of people who absolutely loved that place. So if you're saying Granny's is better, I'm going to have to give that a try!

I always enjoy and going on walks when my husband is MIA.