Thursday, October 14, 2010


For this past month I've had fabric sitting in our storage closet with my sewing machine, waiting to be made into pillows for our new couch. Of course only 'new' because no one besides us has sat on it since we got it over a month ago. Someone should come fix that (hint hint).

Doesn't that look so comfy and inviting? See, you should come visit. (:

And see these stellar pillows? yeah, made by yours truly!

See those beauties? Instead of paying 20$ per generic pillow (from what I found in stores) I decided I'd rather have personalized pillows that were the colors I wanted for the kitchen. Sure it was some work, but overall I'm very pleased with the outcome! And I love them that much more that I created them with my own hands.

I'm definitely molly mormon now!

But a video a Professor showed in my freshman year makes me feel a lot better about all my DIY projects...

Take a moment and watch it.

P.S. today I changed my hair color. Super seriously love love love it. Pictures to come soon!

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Samantha Hanny said...

Ohh! I love that video! I saw it a while back and it totally inspired me. I can't wait to see how your hair turned out. When ever I'm home alone for a long time with out Adam, I always pamper myself and get my girly stuff done, looks like you do that too :)