Friday, March 22, 2013

Celebrity look a-like

Since working at Clinique and focusing on a lot of customer's faces, I've gotten more remarks about mine. That's to be expected of course, but one thing I certainly didn't expect to hear was that I looked like a specific celebrity.

This specific one I've heard before, and funnily enough when her premier movie came out last March and I was standing next to the poster waiting for the Hub's to get snacks so we could go into the theater I had people commenting on how I was a look a-like. I had done my hair in a braid (not trying to copycat just for comfort). I brushed it off thinking it must be a fluke. But then when I had multiple customers comment on how I look 'just-like-that-actress-oh-my-gosh' I started thinking there might be something to it...

What do you think?


Jennifer Lawrence

Please I beg of you give me an honest opinion, my feelings won't be hurt I promise! 

1 comment:

Alex said...

I don't see it. Its a stretch. But you look pretty!