Sunday, December 08, 2013

My Christmas List

Maybe it's because I'm getting older and more mature-or maybe it's because I'm so focused on baby right now and no longer work at Nordstrom-that I've come to a realization this year.

I've become scarily scringy with money. But good scarily scringy like I'd rather buy things we need like new wiper blades for my car instead of a new shirt or pair of pants (it also might have something to do with the fact I can't fit into normal clothes currently). I'd rather save up money to buy things for the house like decorations for the spare bathroom instead of splurging on another perfume to add to my collection.

More obvious support of this change has been what I asked for for Christmas. From my parents I asked for nursing tanks which are a bit more expensive an investment than I can bring myself to swallow right now, and from Jared I asked for Shampoo (only the good brands for my hair!) and a pair of super warm mittens for driving (because my car is ice cold baby at seven am when I leave for work). And that's all I could even think of that I really want need. Sure some workout clothes would be great, but when I can't wear them until spring and once I've lost the baby weight what is the point?

And of course because of the pending arrival of baby-hopefully anytime now since my due date was yesterday-I use my spending money to buy things for him like a super nice swing and an adorable but definitely ridiculously costly church outfit since he can only wear it for three months. I look forward to buying baby things instead of frivolous things for me. Does this mean I'm going to be one of those moms that never buys new clothes and dresses in mom jeans? I sure don't intend to!

But I think this shows I'm becoming even more responsible fiscally. I worry more about paying the mortgage then I do about buying a new pair of jeans because heaven forbid I don't have a new pair for the year. Likewise I worry more about making sure we have money to buy dog food and groceries instead of worrying about not getting any of the latest trends for clothes in my closet. Trips to Costco for laundry detergent and toilet paper have become more fun than trips to the mall.

Either way the most important and valuable thing that you cannot buy on my Christmas List this year is my soon to be baby. I can't wait to add this new addition to our family and to see Jared become a father. Here's to being 40 weeks and hoping he comes soon!

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Katie Edminster said...

A mortgage will do that to you. I noticed that's how we changed when we bought our house. For Christmas every year since I asked for things for the house or furniture, like I asked for a vacuum last year from my mom and a mattress pad from my husband.