Monday, March 24, 2014

Hilton's blessing day 3.16.14

Our sweet baby Hilton was blessed a little over a week ago, and what a beautiful day it was watching my strong handsome give such a tender blessing to our sweet little baby. The morning started with us (me) frantically getting Hilton bathed before I needed to start getting ready. Jared and I planned on changing Hilton into his blessing outfit at the church right before sacrament meeting started just in case we got a surprise diaper or Hilton decided to spit up at all. Luckily for us neither happened and his blessing outfit made it through unscathed.

I had been pretty careful during the morning trying to time it so he would take a nap during his blessing, but unfortunately for me little mister knew something was up and was resistant to his nap. As they called for all those invited into the circle to come up and Jared took Hilton from me, Hilton started to cry on the way up and I thought, 'oh great, here we go'. The instant Jared started the blessing Hilton stopped so I think he was listening to what his dad was saying.

Unfortunately I had been so concerned about trying to make sure his blessing outfit was preserved and he was in a good mood for the blessing that I didn't even think to record or ask someone to write down what was said in the blessing. After sacrament meeting was over and we were saying hello to family before packing up to go to my parents for refreshments, I had a sweet sister from my ward come up to me and give me a paper. She said that she had felt prompted to record the blessing for me and that it wasn't word for word but almost. I was so grateful someone else was listening to promptings that day for me because I was so worried about the physical aspect of it I forgot about the most important part which was the message for little Hilton to be able to look back on and know what had been said.

Once we got to my parents house we had a wonderful time visiting with friends and family who came to the blessing to support our newest member. We felt so blessed and grateful to have so much support from those close to us, and it was so nice to get to visit and finally show off Hilton since it was the first opportunity most of our family has gotten to meet him! Sadly I failed at taking any pictures of those that came, I was so stressed from worrying about the blessing that I completely forgot! However we did get some sweet pictures of the three of us and I'm grateful we got a picture of him in his blessing outfit.

Happy blessing day Hilton, and thank you so much to all those that came. We know a lot of people traveled a long way to come and wanted to say thank you and that it meant a lot!

Little man was definitely worn out from his big day, his nap schedule was a bit off so he slept very well that night! Poor little Hilton! When you're worn out sometimes only daddy will do.


Mr.s W said...

I'm so glad that we were able to be there, it was a beautiful day :)

Katie A. said...

It was such a beautiful day! He is so handsome! I'm so glad that we got to be there also! That is such a great picture of all of you! Love you!

Jamie said...

What a trooper. It's every mom's fear her baby will cry during the blessing. I remember my brother in law saying he saw Essie's eyes open during the blessing and he waited for a huge wail but she just looked around, very interested. Big sigh of relief! He's getting so big!