Friday, March 14, 2014

Your Third Month

Oh my goodness how time is flying! I know I say that each time I put an update here, but it just seems to keep speeding up much too fast. You are my little angel and I just love you so much I can't help it.

You are still in three month clothing, which I'm grateful for so we can get more use out of them. But not for long I don't think. We just moved you into size two diapers but that hasn't seemed to help your blowouts. You've already had two this week, both times when poor grandma has been watching you! You've gotten baths those days as well it was so bad. You no longer scrunch up your face and act like you're going to scream when I put you in the bath, but you still seem unsure.

You love to gnaw on your hands and you love sucking on the corners of your blankets so I know that soon we'll have a favorite blanket that must go everywhere with us. You basically still dislike binkies except for when mommy can convince you to take one (but that's really hard and rare). You love talking and gabbing with mommy when she gets home from work before bed, and you have found yourself in the mirror on your playmat and are curious about who that person is and if you can talk to them. You still haven't rolled over, but I think it may happen soon. You've begun to actually like tummy time, and are getting super close to propping yourself up on your elbows and try to scoot yourself a couple inches. You hate to be held like a baby unless you're being fed. Only sitting up assisted or standing assisted for this boy! You want to be aware of what is happening around you and are very curious about the puppies and intrigued by the world around you.

 Your sweet little personality is still so strong and prevelant. However you've started to get frustrated more quickly if we don't know what you want right away so I feel like you are definitely wanting to communicate and trying to figure out what you need. I love and hate when you wake up for the morning because you often start cooing when you wake up because you're wanting to know whats going on, but I also wish you'd sleep longer for mom's sake. You only wake up around seven but on mom's days off it would be nice to sleep a bit longer. It's clear you love your grandma's and grandpa's, they can always get you to smile and you love being sung to by them. I really hope they have a strong influence in your life.

Daddy loves that you love watching Man vs. Wild with you. You love the sound of Bear Grylls voice and literally calm down almost instantly when you hear it. I think you'll be an outdoorsmen like daddy.

Mommy loves your sweet smile and squeaks when she makes faces with you and carries on a gabbing conversation. You love to be tickled and have raspberries blown on your belly. Anything to get you to smile your sweet smile mommy loves.

Hilton loves his food. Eating still only 3.5 oz or so. If you get over hungry you get so worked up that it takes a lot to get you to take the bottle even though you're mad because you're hungry.

The puppies love that the days have been getting warmer so mommy takes a blanket outside and lays underneath it with Hilton and throws the chuck-it for the puppies to run after. We're all so glad spring is here!

I love you so much little Hilton, and I whisper how much I love you each night when I put you to bed and every morning before I leave for work. I hope you remember the sweet things I've told you as you get older. We love you so much and would do anything for you!


Katie A. said...

Oh my crap, he is getting even more handsome!

Alex said...

Such an adorable picture!