Thursday, May 22, 2014

Your Fifth Month

Oh Hilton my darling little love, your fifth month seriously went by in the blink of an eye. Your personality has really truly started to come out showing us what a happy baby you are with a touch of mom's sass and desire for independence. You have started to do some serious tricks including rolling over a ton making diaper changes close to impossible, and also started sitting up almost overnight.

You're still in size six months clothes and size two diapers, but you have almost grown to long for your carseat (good until 30 inches). Since you were 27 inches at your 4 month check up I'm estimating you will be 30 inches by your six month checkup and we will have to go buy a convertible carseat. I knew you wouldn't last in a newborn carseat for very long, but I didn't think you'd be ready to move out of it so quickly!

We started sleep training this past month and you had a couple rough nights and then started to adjust after about a week of refusing to let you have more than one bottle during the night. You are now waking up only once or twice and mom is very grateful for the extra sleep. Also because of your new found ability to roll over, you have managed to roll over in the middle of the night so when mom went into to get you it scared her half to death that you were still swaddled with your face down against the mattress. Needless to say we have stopped swaddling your arms and now are just swaddling your legs and will hopefully soon stop swaddling all together to adjust you from being swaddled. You are still eating mainly formula with the one baby food feeding around seven pm and have so far showed how much you love sweet potatoes, bananas, green beans, and carrots. You so far hate applesauce or peaches (too bitter maybe?) and peas you aren't a huge fan of.

We have found that you are really starting to show interest in stuffed animals, especially the giraffe that mom got when she first found out you would be joining the family. You are so expressive when you get excited or look or inspect something new and it's so fun to watch you figure things out. We love buying new toys-you are so curious to put every little inch in your mouth along with anything else you can get your hands on.

After your very first experience swimming right after you turned five months I am very very excited to see how you do with the mommy-baby swim lessons we signed you up for that begin in June. I really hope you'll love it!

Daddy is loving seeing you giggle when the dogs are around you.

Mommy is loving how you've started to grab your feet and toes when ever you have the opportunity.

The doggies are loving helping mom wake you up in the morning and bathe you before bed. They always have to inspect what's going on with you!

I love you so much my handsome man, I am excited for this next month to see what new things you learn to do or what new things you see!

Birth: 7lbs. 15 oz.
1 month: 11 lbs. 14 oz.
2 months: 13 lbs. 8 oz.
3 months: 14 lbs. 5 oz.
4 months: 16 lbs. 1 oz.
5 months: 17 lbs. 8 oz.

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Alex said...

These pictures are too precious! He really is just so handsome!