Sunday, June 15, 2014

Your Sixth Month

Oh my goodness how this month has flown by! You are already half a year old which is just totally crazy! How is that possible? It seems like just yesterday I was holding you in my arms for the first time and kissing your sweet face.

You are still in size six month clothing much to my surprise! Not for long I don't feel like though. We just moved you up to size three diapers and thank goodness! They are so much easier to get on you. Diaper changing has definitely started to become a workout with you. I spend the majority of the diaper changing experience fighting to keep you flat on your back and on the table. I definitely cannot walk away anymore from the table to grab something because you'd be on the floor. You are so strong in body and spirit, you definitely want your way and have started to learn how to fake cry. It's adorable and frustrating all at the same time because I know when you're doing it but still want to console you. Grandma falls for it more than I do though so we will see if you learn it doesn't get you anything or if it will be a struggle.

You are officially to only one wake up through the night, typically around one or two AM. Mom is definitely enjoying the extra shut eye and am grateful we suffered through the sleep training. It was fun and definitely filled with tears from both you and me but it has paid off. You are completely used to sleeping unswaddled and actually immediately switch to your side once I lay you in your crib.

We have recently increased your bottles to 5 oz. at a time, and are trying to do solids with you twice a day now. You have mastered how to hold your bottle by yourself but have also figured out that if you refuse to hold it mommy will, so sometimes you are lazy. You still love pears, sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, and mommy is trying to introduce avocado we'll see if you like it!

You are officially sitting all on your own and love to sit on the floor with toys surrounding you and play and pick up with what interests you. However you are still top heavy and we've had a couple bonked heads in the past week or so because you turn or lift your head to fast and off balance yourself. Mom cried just as hard as you did though the first time so I'm very careful to make sure to surround you with pillows or sit on the floor with you to catch you if necessary.

We've gone to two swimming lessons so far and you are pretty stoic about the whole experience except for when we lay you on your back. You really really hate that because the water gets in your ears. However you enjoy it when mommy sits you on the edge of the pool and you jump fall in and I catch you. So far I'm glad we did it, however we will wait to do any more lessons until next year. You are by far the youngest baby in the class and all the others are able to either crawl or walk so we have to simplify the activities for you compared to the other babies.

Daddy is loving tickling you and giving you raspberries. You are so fun to play with.

Mommy is loving your fine blonde hair that is growing on your head. It's actually starting to thicken up!

The doggies are loving that you throw your toys to them from the high chair. Adi has taken a certain liking to your koala toy and mommy has caught her with it a couple times. Naughty Adi!

Happy half birthday my love!!! I can't believe you're halfway to being a year old, where is the time going?!

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Jamie said...

Love that big smile! Meg has pulled the eyes out of a couple of Essie's favorite toys so keep your eyes on them haha!