Thursday, February 16, 2017

Smith Chicks

We got our first two baby Chicks yesterday! Am I crazy or 'out of my mind' as my mother asked? Nope! I've secretly - or not so secretly - been wanting to get chicks for almost a year now. I started thinking about it seriously last fall right after having Graham, but since I had a brand new baby I decided it probably wasn't the best timing. Plus with winter right around the corner they wouldn't have done well outside and would have had to be kept inside for a couple months until they were fully feathered.

This all came about because Grandma and Grandpa Smith's neighbor has two chickens and Hilton BEGS to go see them and feed them every time we have gone to visit them for probably the past year or so. I also have a neighbor and a couple coworkers who talked me into them as being easy to care for, low maintenance, and many benefits (eggs). I figured this would be a great life lesson about where food comes from for Hilton and to teach him to learn about caring for creatures from a young age.

Well it's easy to expect but Hilton is in LOVE with these little guys!

And I have to admit they're pretty stinking cute! Although one did poop on Hilton within the first 30 minutes of having them home so that was pretty funny. Hilton then proceeded to tell me that we need to teach them how to poop on the toilet. I got a kick out of that since we've been ingraining into Hilton how we're all supposed to poop on the toilet.

So the two baby chicks we got are Buff Orpington's and we plan on getting two Wyandotte's next Friday so I will post more photos and adventure's on chick keeping then. Also our baby chicks are still unnamed! Hilton's suggestions are 'Bucket' because I keep telling him to stop knocking on their bucket because it scares them (he's very enthusiastic about making sure they're still alive so he has to get confirmation by making them cheep or move around), and Jared's suggestions are Breast and Drumstick (hardy har har). Any ideas? I'm open to them!

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