Sunday, March 07, 2010

My amazing Man and absolutely gorgeous ring

A ton of people have been asking for pictures so here are some of the finished ring and wonderful man in my life! I'm so proud of Jer for picking everything out himself. He did an amazing job and my ring is absolutely what I want and dreamed of!

(you can't see it, but the center diamond is perfect cut and colorless, so its very sparkly!)

This ring reminds me of my grandmothers ring, very antique, detailed, and very much me. I love the special details of my ring, and how beautiful it is. I love it so much, and I couldn't have thought of anything more amazing that Jared could have gotten.

(I love the side detailing, diamond accents, and metal work)

I am so happy with everything Jared did, and I am so proud of my ring and what it represents!

(my ring is huge and its so weird to have it on my hand finally!)

Today Jared and I went and had our first shots of engagements. Here's just one picture of us in a setting that we love!

I'm so ready for June to come and to be able to get married and sealed forever! I'm even more excited to never have to leave Jared at night, we'll never have the awkward goodnight doorstep kiss while others watch us (you know who you are), and we won't have to worry about being chaperoned. I can't wait to get to cook together, to make a home together, to have nightly scripture study, to get ready with each other, and to go to church together. I cannot wait for married life, and to have all the wedding planning done and dealt with!

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Mrs. W said...

tee hee...that was funny
Yeah Married life is the best especially if you marry your best friend, then it just keeps getting better and better! I'm so excited for you two!