Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring is in the air

As of March 20th spring has officially been here. As of March 28th, spring has been in my house. Seems kind of silly, but my birthday is the reminder that spring is here and summer is coming. Its so nice to know that winter is loosing its draw, and that flowers and warm temperatures will be here (including JUNE)!!!

Spring to me is the promise of wonderful times to come, and what better way to celebrate it then a new year in my life. I am officially 20 and out of my TEENS! I will NOT be a 19 year old Mormon bride, and of that I am SO grateful.

Spring cleaning is the latest demand on my time, including spring cleaning of my grades, room, and the boring winter activities me and Jared have been doing. Out with the inside activities, and in with the fun outdoors things like hiking, swimming, cliff jumping, water skiing, camping, outdoor sports (namely tennis), and kite flying!

The one thing I actually wanted to do for my birthday was go fly a kite, so naughty me and Jer skipped Sunday school, went to Mueller Park and flew a kite.

We had an absolutely wonderful time in the sun and breeze, and I can't wait to do it again!

Spring is also a time for my family to break out our spring tree, but because of my birthday celebration with all my Stan Buck cousins, we had to wait till after. It is something that I fondly remember as a child. You have the branch from a tree (broken off of the tree obviously), and then make colorful tissue paper flowers and attach them with pipe cleaners to the branch. Its just a reminder of all the beauty that will soon be here, while its still ugly outside with no leaves on trees, and brown grass.

One of the best things I am looking forward to now, is moving home in exactly 3 weeks and being done with winter semester. Along with that comes wedding pictures, wedding showers, and completely all the wedding planning and details for the reception! The next big thing we need to get done is invitations, but I'll wait for those until the last week of April. In the next week or two I need to register at the stores with Jared and we are still vacillating on where we're going to register. One item I definitely have taken care of for married life is a really nice mixer! My Parents bought me a really nice Kitchen Aid for my birthday that has thousands of extensions including a juicer, a noodle presser, a can opener, and more!

I can't wait to be able to use this fine piece of machinery that I have wanted for forever! It is plain white, but it will do anything and everything I want it to in regards to baking and I am totally stoked! YES STOKED! Even though I don't get to use it until we're married, I want to break it out as soon as we are moved into wherever we are going to be living (we have yet to go apartment hunting) and make Jared some amazing bread, or a cake, or a pastry, or something!

Easter is this upcoming weekend. Jared and I were going to go to a family Easter Egg hunt. However because we want to have our own traditions, and one of these (for me at least) is having our own easter egg hunt I have decided to surprise him with my own variation and exciting things to do on Saturday as our Easter egg hunt. We also are looking forward to receiving divine counsel from the leaders of our church, and can't wait to be uplifted and edified this conference weekend. Overall absolutely loving the fact that spring is here, and loving all the fun things to come!

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Jamie said...

Got to LOVE cooking supplies! I'm proud to say I cook for us almost every night and it is a b-l-a-s-t.

Congrats on all the prep so far!