Thursday, March 18, 2010

Over the 3 month mark!

It's been almost a full month since Jared proposed, and already almost all of the big decisions and problems have been taken care of. The photographs, flowers, and family outfits are the only things left to find. I went and ordered the cake last Saturday and it is going to be DELICIOUS!!! And gorgeous might I say!

Since the planning got started my concentration and drive to make school number one priority has gone downhill quickly. I'm holding it together now that the important and big decisions have been made. Thank goodness the planning is going along quickly so I can turn my attention else where. The only problem is that I'm completely and fully DONE with this semester emotionally, and mentally. I have no desire to make myself study, especially when there are more enjoyable things to do such as wedding planning!

Well, as of two days ago we were officially at the three month mark from the wedding! It's crazy to think that in three months I will be married to my best friend! Twitterpated is an understatement.

The latest developments in Jared and I's life is that we got the HONEYMOON booked!!! And he's on spring-break, and therefore was able to come to visit me for two whole days right after the weekend down in Provo. We loved being able to spend time together for FOUR DAYS for the first time since Christmas break. We finally got to go play racquetball together (I won), and I cooked him dinner, which consisted of strawberry spinach salad, pasta, and baked potatoes. The baked potato didn't turn out so well. But now I know how to make baked potatoes. Kinda like now I know how to properly make a grilled cheese sandwhich thanks to Jer. Let's just keep it that I am best at cooking deserts and baked goods,

(ex. braided bread that I made)

but stink majorly at dinners or entrees!

(ex. left the pizza in the oven too long.)

So Jer, I admit, openly in front of anyone who reads this blog, that I am a terrible cook when it comes to certain things, and that you will need to teach me a lot of things or suffer lots of burned dinners when we first get married. But you are such a wonderful chef so I trust we won't starve. Here's to hoping anyways.


Kirsa said...

Were you finally able to find shoes?

JaredandMelissaSmith said...

No, still failing at finding shoes that I love and are the right height. any ideas?

Mrs. W said...

FLIP FLOPS! Nobody ever saw my feet anyway unless I lifted up my dress and they were so much cooler and comfier than heels in July when we got married;) (I know you probably werent asking me, but you got it anyway! ;) Lovely bread by the way- I'm horrible at making bread, but I can make rolls :)

JaredandMelissaSmith said...

Haha Thanks! I think I've found a pair that will work if we have them dyed...And the braided bread recipe I have is SOOOO easy! I will have to come teach you sometime!!!