Thursday, July 07, 2011

desperately wanting...

as I don't get my paycheck until friday, and we have found a perfect apartment but will need a couple different things, I have been thinking nonstop tonight about decorating ideas...

I've been eyeing this duvet cover for QUITE a while. Love. LOVE. LOVE.

Also there are absolutely no shelves anywhere besides the closet.
We'll definitely be needing one of these.

and definitely a couple of these. Particularly one for the HUGE bathroom we're going to have and another for the walk in closet. 

and a lot of these to decorate the couch that will now fit THROUGH THE DOOR!

I can't wait to get into a new apartment that doesn't make me and Jer's allergies go haywire, have cars getting broken into out front, and bugs and spiders galore.

Any decorating advice or ideas would be highly highly accepted. 


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Katie A. said...

have you been on pintrest? if not you should give me your email and I'll invite you.