Wednesday, July 06, 2011

{HappyEverAfter} ch. 3

This is the part of the story where Jared and I start to disagree about some of the facts, but don't let that fool you. I'm right. Women are always right. Right?

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The reason for the BBQ was played out in a two day trip to far away lake where we camped, spent the day on the lake, played card games, and ate delicious food. 

I agreed to go on this single's ward trip since my friends were going. I figured it would be a great trip to go have some summer fun. Little did I knew that this Jared boy who I knew very little about was also coming although I had thought he wasn't planning on the trip. Months later when I asked him why he came on that trip he said it was because of the interest he had in getting to know me better. He may deny this, but its true.

The first full day we had on the lake was started by a wonderful breakfast and then followed by groups of singles climbing onto one of the multiple boats that had been brought up for the weekend. I waited for one I had been on previously while passing my time on the beach playing in the sand and dipping my feet in the water. A group had congregated behind me, but I didn't recognize anyone except for a couple from high school, Andrew Jones and Heidi Hanson (now Andrew and Heidi Jones). Since they seemed rather engrossed in their conversation I concentrated on the arrival of the boat I'd been waiting for. As it pulled close Jared jumped out onto the dock to close the gap. The people changed out, and I jumped on among them. There was one more place so Jared offered, rather quickly that he'd be willing to go out again. I kinda of thought his excitement was rather odd, but didn't really think much about it since we were pulling away and I was ready to get in the water.

Of course he sat across from me and then after I took my turn, kind of showing off on the water skis, he congratulated me and then sat next to me making conversation between the other riders runs. I can't say I wasn't interested in this flirty fun boy who was being the perfect gentlemen. But I definitely wanted to play it cool. And then while he was showing off, which was very noticeable, he biffed it hard. Then laughed at his expense with us.

Back on the beach we played card games, I taught him phase ten, speed, and california speed. Of course he let me win. Almost every single round. In the group around the campfire I mentioned if anyone liked Kenny Chesney that the radio had mentioned that you could buy six tickets for $100. Jared at that perked up and said, "you like Kenny Chesney? You really like Kenny Chesney?" I was afraid this meant that he didn't like country and was about to make fun of me. When I said I did he then asked, "I have a pair of tickets and no one to go with, you want to go?" This took me a little by surprise but of course I enthusiastically said yes. 

The next day right before my car was about to leave, Jared asked if I'd like to go on a date before the concert. When I asked what we'd be doing he nonchalantly responded that it would just be casual fun and dinner. I let him know I was up for that, and then left excited and definitely twitter-pated constantly asking the girls in the car what they thought of this huge development.

Hope everyone had a great fourth of July weekend! Once I get a new card reader for my camera card (Adi had fun flossing her teeth with the old one) I will upload our fun fourth photos.



TexaGermaNadian said...

What beautiful story! Love it. And love hearing how couples meet and fall in love :) Thanks for sharing and thanks for linking up to the hop this weekend. Hope you had a good one!

Lacey said...

can't wait to hear more. i love your writing!