Saturday, July 30, 2011

Moving 101

As many of you may know we are moving...AGAIN. See post below if you are wondering why. This is the third move since we got married and I figured it was time to actually let on some of my great tips and ideas that I have learned regarding moving. A lot of this I was taught by my mother while growing up during our six moves in my childhood but it wasn't until I was completely in charge of moving our things that I truly started using my moving knowledge (yes, I am very used to moving although that doesn't make me hate it any less. Probably more actually). And for those skeptics who think moving is just putting stuff into boxes, I must correct you in the fact that moving is truly an art. People do it for their careers for goodness sake!

1. The most effective moving is done when both spouses or more than one person is present helping you move. I have really observed this in myself that when there are at least two people packing, moving, etc. that it keeps you BOTH more motivated then you would be by yourself. And of course it goes twice as fast. So enlist as much help as possible, parents, siblings, neighbors, home teachers (great for the heavy lifting) etc. Even if its only a couple hours here or there, it will help out a ton!

2. Make moving fun. We love to put on a movie while we move, have cookies somewhere easy to find, and water stocked up with throw away cups in the fridge. It helps you take quick successful breaks, and then keep going.

3. Huge tip for spouses so read carefully. MOVING IS STRESSFUL. Read that again for good measure. And again if you need some time to let that sink in. Moving is even more stressful when you blow up and say some nasty words at your spouse. It's also slower that way to because you're now both unmotivated. When you want to strangle the other, or throw something, instead say something about how strong the other is and how you couldn't do it without them. It gives them a little reason to do whatever it is you want. (:

4. Another way to help with the above bolded statement. DO NOT PACK IN THE SAME ROOM. Make assignments or offer to do the room they don't want to do. This helps to keep you out of each others already stressed and sweaty hair, and makes you feel very satisfied when your room is done and you can say, 'I did all that'. It also keeps you more on task. If you pack like I do, moving from room to room packing one box here and one there it wastes a lot of time. Stay in one place, make a list if you have to. Find a solution.

5. Plan ahead, plan ahead, plan ahead. The earlier you start the easier it is. Normally when we move we start packing about a week before we are planning to move. A great tip is that each load of laundry I have to do before we move I fold it as soon as it gets out of the dryer, and then put it in a box and tape it up. I also spend any spare time I have every night packing up the kitchen and any storage area we have. Make sure to be consistent. And you HAVE to pack each day. Five or six boxes packed each day will save just that many from having to be packed the night before you move. The rooms you want to leave for last are the bathroom, the fridge, and the bedroom (unless you have storage under the bed, or the closet. Do that ASAP.)

6. Make sure to look up every so often. I can't tell you how many times I have finished a box that I thought had everything of the same type of thing in it, tapped it closed, put it in the pile of boxes to go out, and come back to find a couple of left over items sitting on the top of a shelf, the fridge, above a chest, etc. Sometimes you get so focused in looking down at the box by your feet you aren't very observant. Also, its better for your neck to be in more than one position.

7. Take any children to a family members or friends house to play. Or in our case get your dog a location that is where they will stay during the packing/moving process. It will help you out a ton to not have them underfeet or distracting you. Sorry, but moving is quite seriously a full time job when you have to move. It goes A LOT slower when you have extra things to take care of.

8. Make sure to take about an hour break when you need to for meals. But remember to only take an hour maximum so you are time efficient. Provide food for everyone who is helping you move. It IS necessary, and a great way to say thank you for helping out. Pizza is a great solution or the big party sandwhich's from subway or the local grocery store. We personally like to get pizza our last night just us two and eat it on our floor and reminisce about our memories in the apartment. It's a nice way to get closure from the apartment if you need it.

9. Pack effectively. Well duh right? But quite truthfully it took me a long time to learn this one. Firstly position the stiff room consuming items in first, make sure to fill the item with something smaller, and then fill the space around it and between the other hard items. Don't be afraid to mix and match items from different rooms. I know this goes against tip 4 but sometimes you have to put in sheets or blankets or whatever in with the breakable stuff. Also, put the breakable things near the middle of the box, not the edges. Seems like common sense but this rule will save you from lots of broken valuables! Make sure to pad a lot of course. Hand towels are great for this, so are garbage bags or grocery bags. Whatever the issue is don't be afraid to play around, reposition things the way they aren't normally positioned. Problem solve. Think of it like a big puzzle and it will become less frustrating.

10. And lastly my HUGEST TIP!!! One of the reasons we hate moving, aside from its hugely time consuming and exhausting, is its expensive. Boxes are about $1 apiece and sometimes upwards of $3 apiece. YIKES! So, do as I tell you and it will save you mucho dinero. Call Famous Footwear. That's right, I said call Famous Footwear or your local shoe store and ask for the manager (preferably on Saturday). Tell her your name and then ask if they are receiving shipment on Sunday. When she says yes (and I guarantee she will because they always do) ask if she will save you the best _______ boxes. They normally receive around 50 big brown boxes that contain their shoes each Sunday, and upwards of 150 boxes during the change of season. (You will have to go in around 4:30 approx. on Sunday, but its not really work picking up boxes so I don't consider it breaking the Sabbath.) This will save some poor girl the task of sitting in the back and spending hours shoving the boxes into the compactor in a non air conditioned room. You get boxes, they don't have to pay to have their compactor emptied as soon, its totally a WIN-WIN. Trust me, you will be grateful. And then tape, just buy in bulk at costco. Much cheaper then the single rolls you get at a grocery store or Walmart.

So there are my number one tips for couples and families moving. And of course don't forget, that if you don't think its valuable or you feel like its junk, toss it! Moving is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to clean out and de junk stuff you don't need or won't use.

We will be officially moved out and in on Monday and then I will post some of the great DIY projects I am in the process of doing, or have recently done. I have quite a couple really fun ones plus lots of tips to make it easier for you to do them yourself, so stay tuned!


p.s. here are some fun pics I took of Adi with my new Canon f1.8 50 mm lens. Enjoy!

Love, love, LOVE that blur! I'm seriously addicted to this lens. I can't wait for all the sessions I have booked in August. All for super cheap. Engagements, bridals, Post wedding, family, pets. Hit me up. I'd love to do yours, and I won't charge a lot. Let me know!


Danielle said...

Great Tips -I love the don't pack in the same room! Visiting from FTLOB!

Hayley said...

we are getting ready to move too and those were great tips! boyfriend looks in my closet and I can tell he is already getting mad. haha. what kind of dog is your dog? he looks similar to my cockapoo!