Friday, November 18, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

I do have to admit, I love these. By the way, for all you followers of Say What? I just got too caught up in school work and other pressing issues this week to get around to researching for my planned post. So sorry for it being MIA this week. I promise it'll be back on schedule next week right on time for thanksgiving.

(Me holding Adi like a baby. Because I treat her like one. And she loves it)

One of the blogs I love to follow {the little things we do} does this every friday, and sometimes when I fill in the blank my answers surprise me.

1. A nervous habit I have is...clenching my jaw. I do it a lot. When I'm stressed, nervous, mad, concentrating, writing papers. Hence my having TMJ. Which drives the hubs crazy when we eat together. Especially cereal.

2. something that makes me sad is... when I have to leave the apartment and Jer isn't home so I have to put Adi in her pen. Her sad puppy eyes make me feel so sad. All I want to do everyday is stay at home and play with her.

3. Today I am thankful religion. I wish I was better about praying, reading the scriptures, and going to the temple.

4. my favorite room in my house bedroom. Not in that way though. It's my favorite because it's where I cuddle on the bed with Adi until Jer gets home, its where I watch netflix movies on our TV, and its where I relax.

5. I can't stand...left lane huggers. Seriously, it's like a disease in Utah or something. Especially in Utah County. People are just so oblivious when they drive and so inconsiderate of others. I swear, if it weren't illegal there would be a lot more people with tires getting shot out so they'll get out of the lane.

6. If I had an extra $100 dollars to spend today I would...go to the new H&M that opened up. I unfortunately had to buy Adi dog food and groceries with this last paycheck and since eating is more important that clothes, the food won out. But I'll be really happy when I finally get to go and bring some beautiful things home.

7. the last person I hung out with was...jenna shaw. yesterday. we watched the first wives club which was awesome. and she helped me fold laundry. It was pretty chill.

Happy Friday!


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