Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We're not apartment people

Oh the joy's of living in an apartment complex. This is the first of our marriage, and in the previous two houses we have lived in we never ONCE received a noise complaint. We also didn't receive any complaints at our last apartment about Adi 1) not being on a leash and 2) not having her poop cleaned up the instant it hit the ground.

Maybe it's just that we're not suited to live in apartment complex's because we're just not that uptight about all the little things? In addition we're not the type to go complain to the office or the apartment managers when something happens we don't like. If you were really to make me mad I'd calm down, and then let you know kindly so you could (hopefully) change your specific behavior that is bothering me.

Well for some reason, our neighbors are too afraid to tell us when we do something that annoys them...? So instead of saying something to us, so that we can fix the SPECIFIC issue, they go complain to the office who then sends us nasty letters without really knowing any of the details.

Today we got our second. The first was about Adi's poop being left for more than a day, and this one is about "constant drumming and obnoxiously loud music". Yeah, cause we totally have awesome, light shaking dance parties with 'obnoxiously loud music' and such up in here. Or we supposedly invite drummers over for the day to bang on our walls to annoy our neighbors...?

We do leave our music on quiet enough you could talk over it (and its Motab music so no drumming that I'm aware of) so that Adi doesn't have anxiety attacks when we're gone and destroy everything. Additionally the longest we're gone for is only four or five hours maximum so its not 'constant'.

Isn't there just something about living in a close community such as apartments that makes you feel like your neighbors are trying to find anything they can to get you in trouble? Or kill your dog for that matter?

Either way, we are officially in the hunt for another house basement to occupy until we can get into a house of our own. Until then, we will keep down the noise of our dishwasher, and breathing so not to bother our neighbors.

Heaven forbid we sneeze until then.


Amanda C. said...

That stinks. Your neighbors sound a little ridiculous. Good luck on the hunt for a new place. I think I'd move to.

Mr.s W said...

awww snap that does totally suck, I'd move too! good luck finding a new place! Check KSL everyday, thats how we found our new place.