Friday, November 11, 2011

I like to think I drink

Sometimes, on a random whim I drag the Hubs to random stores where I can buy random ingredients to make random drinks to satiate my random cravings. No, I am not pregnant. Just wistful of my childhood memories.I made these for two awesome sets of people, our wonderful fun playmates from Draper the Shaw's, and my old roomies at our roomie party. Both occasions were lovely.

Italian Sodas: the best party drink you could ever please family, friends, or guests with.

Start with a clean empty class and then...
fill 1/3 with crushed ice

pour in flavor syrup of your choice until it almost reaches the top of the ice

fill 1/3 with 7up
fill remaining 1/3 with half and half

Stir lightly, finish with a dollop of whip cream (optional) and a cherry on top (optional).


Hope everyone has an amazingly happy weekend!


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make me now.