Friday, June 01, 2012

Puppy kisses and cuddles

Oh my goodness gracious, I cannot get enough of these. little. lips. Whenever I pick up miss little Aspen she gives a little grunt, I make a kiss noise and she immediately gives me some licks. I imagine someday I'll be this completely captivated by baby kisses too. But for now, I'll have to make due with puppy kisses. She also lets me cuddle her like a baby which goes perfect with our new rocker.

Long story behind that one. Let's just say it was a killer deal I found online as a present for a soon-to-be momma, and then AFTER I'd bought and cleaned it she informed me her baby's grandma had already taken care of that. And since it's so stinking comfy (Jared loves it) we'll keep it.

Adi overlooking the virgin river

Our little family with some of the rocker in the background

It's been hard on Adi having a little stinker stealing her spotlight, but I still give lots of kisses as well and some momma-daughter time each day by taking her on my runs. Watch out, I'm sure my dog could outrun a long distance runner!

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