Friday, June 08, 2012

Puppy Size

One of the things I had forgotten about having a little puppy - amongst the frequent toileting issues and the teething - is their incessant desire to tunnel and explore every little space. She loves to find her own little play spaces under the bed and couch. Of course she's growing at an alarming pace and won't be able to fit much longer. But its still cute to watch her play. Can you imagine how the world looks through their eyes, everything is bigger then they and everything is new and different. No wonder they get into so much trouble! But we still love and adore her, she's going to be a wonderful dog when she's all grown up.

 Tunneling under the couch. She normally naps down there.
 Cleaning the floors for the local Petco. No kibble left under the shelves after our visit.
inspecting my empty chip bag-but it got stuck on her head
Sisterly love

P.S. I had forgotten how much puppies slept, it really is like having a baby-parenting practice for sure.

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