Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Love, Adi and Aspen

Daddy, we miss cuddling with you in the mornings. Can't you stay longer?

Plus you never take us to the park to play anymore. Mom says it's because you're busy working. Whatever that is. We know you're doing it to pay for our two meals a day-at least mom says so-and all the good treats, plus the pupperoni; but we're missing out on all the good schtick's that we need need NEED to chew on. Mom doesn't think we need more bark on the living room floor, but we don't agree.

Come home so we can go 'sploring and find some good bark making schticks. Schticks are more necessary than pupperoni AND squeaker toys. Much more important. 

Love Adi and Aspen.

P.S. daddy, we need to go soon. Our schticks supply is running low.

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Sondai Seward said... make me have doggy envy