Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Love, Aspen

Dad, I'm sad you left me behind on your adventure that you took Adi on. Mom says its called camping. With scouts. Are those treats? Cause I really like it when you bring me treats. Bring me some scouts back to eat please.

While you were gone yesterday I found a nice necklace under the bed. It smelled a little musty but I think the spots blend well with me don't you? Mom didn't like that I started chewing on it, but it was so fun since it was stretchy. Plus its great to play toss with and shake it like I was killing it. Until mom took it away that is. She always spoils my fun.

Mom has let me have all the toys out I want since you're gone, and she feeds me first since Adi is not here. But I get really bored playing with myself. And there's too much room on the bed. 

Come home soon Daddy. I guess you should also bring back Adi, cause I need someone to harass other than mom.

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