Friday, August 31, 2012

My very first personal business

except those childhood lemonade stands. But no, seriously, it's official! After weeks of having friends and coworkers trying to convince I should take my Infinity Scarf making to a higher level, I finally listened and...made my very own Etsy store! I'm actually really nervous/excited to hopefully get some clients and orders! As of right now I'm only doing 'made to order' items, but I intend to really concentrate of getting some basic items stocked up to be ready to send immediately.

Isn't my model Khrystalle just gorgeous?! A big thank you Khrystalle!

As I tried so carefully to explain this to the hubs, "these scarfs are THE fashion accessory must-have on everyone's list for the fall/winter time this year. AND these are better quality then anything you'll find at department stores, and unique to what you want." He just rolled his eyes and said, "whatever blows your dress up honey." Men just don't get it, but these would be something ideal for Christmas presents to loved wives/sisters/daughters...or maybe even yourself if you catch my drift. Every girl needs one and they don't break the bank. Please go check it out HERE! I'm totally stoked to have my own little project that I can do in my spare time that I actually love to do and can be beneficial for our family!

P.S. I made my own banner and everything. Whatcha think? Can you see yourself wearing one?

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sarah said...

Cute! Congratulations. I'm impressed you figured out the banner. Your logo is darling. It all looks great!