Friday, October 26, 2012

The snow has come

and I am so glad. This means I am can comfortably wear sweaters all day long, comfy shoes and boots. One of the few downfalls is the possible ice and therefore...falling on my behind. But since that hasn't happened yet, I am glad for the snow.

Since Aspen was born in April, this is her first snow! And boy did she like it. They played outside for hours. It was wonderful except for the dirty paw prints all over my newly cleaned kitchen floor.

And of course with all this snow all I needed was a nice steaming cup of hot cocoa. And only Stephens will do. Roasted Hazelnut is of course the best.

What did you do on this lovely snowy day? It wasn't quite enough for sledding or a snowman, but I look forward to that.

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