Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Utilities denial

We're good about having our rent in on time. Same with our car payment (of course we pay that to my parents but it's still a real bill). So why is it that it's like pulling out my hair, or selling a kidney to pay the utility bills? Yes, as one of my wifely duties I have taken it upon myself to manage our bill along with the dishes and laundry. Because I'm organized but also because if I left it to Jared the power would be shut off and our internet would stop working. Ok, maybe not. But it's pretty darn likely.

But when it comes to paying our power and gas bill I honestly wait till the last minute on the day it is due. I just can't bring myself to pay it early. Of course it doesn't really matter because either way we pay it now or we pay it a couple days before and we're never that close on money that we can't pay it etc. but I just emotionally...can't do it. How weird is that? I don't understand my own subconscious fear regarding it, maybe it's the procrastinator in me I just have to wait until the last minute for, "the thrill of it all" just like the movie 'He's just not that into you' suggests. Or is it more that dark scary feeling that comes from doing super adult things I'm still not used to?

Whatever it is, I definitely need to get over it because I don't want to risk having to spend a day in the dark...or cold. Any suggestions of how to get over my issue of denial?

p.s. check out how much we spent in July using our 'energy saving swamp cooler'. I think not! Stupid swamp cooler.


Stephanie said...

You should have seen our July power bill using out AC... YIKES! (we paid about $30 more than you did!) Let's just say I turned down the AC for August.

Sondai Seward said...

I do the auto withdraw. :) It works perfectly for Jake and I. There is no pain at all involved well besides wishing I could spend that money on something more fun, like cute winter boots maybe.

The Culbertson's said...

I HATE paying utilities...and since mine are 3x's yours...well puke I hate it (they were HIGHER when we were in an apartment then our house!). I so get it!