Monday, June 03, 2013


We knew that starting a family would bring lots of sacrifices with it, and because we couldn't exactly pick when we got pregnant we couldn't pick the sacrifices either. For example I would have preferred to get pregnant at the end of the summer so I could run my Wasatch Back 2013 and the half marathon I was signed up for, and to beat the heat of the summer. Don't get me wrong I'm very very happy we're expecting, I just have had to rearrange or cancel a lot of plans but good things have come of it too.

For example thank goodness our secondary vehicle broke down AFTER we found out so we could plan for car seats and needing more space. And so we researched and decided a great starter family vehicle would be a Subaru and thank goodness we found a great deal and mileage on a wagon that would be useful for us.

So far I'm loving the drive even though each time I come out to look for my car I have to remember it's not a red one and I think, 'oh yeah, it's that mom car over there'. I'm sure as I get more pregnant I feel like I need the space and once we have the baby it'll be perfect. I plan to baby this car since Subaru's that are well taken care of live into their 300,000 miles. Having a secondary car payment stinks but we think both our current cars will last long past they are paid off so hopefully we won't be buying any new cars for A LONG time.

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