Tuesday, June 18, 2013

That show my husband hates

Have you ever had a TV series that you are enthralled in? Grew up with and just really connected with? Whenever the regular TV season ends you go in withdrawals? I definitely have that TV show that I love. And it is none other then Grey's Anatomy.

You see I didn't really have anybody who liked to watch it when I was growing up in high school so every week I would watch it by myself with a glass of milk and some cookies or a bag of popcorn. It was my secret and indulgent obsession that I looked forward to each week. And before you imagine me as a little girl in pigtails let me state that I was in High School when it started and I loved it.

When they had originally announced that this last year would be Grey's last season (season 9) I was completely upset. It was like graduating High School all over again. You know these people, the story line, and quite honestly can't see their story not going on. Maybe that's a little melodramatic but I love my Grey's. So when we got Netflix and they added all the seasons of Grey's on there I just about died of happiness. And proceeded to watch it from the very beginning of the beginning not once but twice. And I'm starting again. It seems to be a Summer ritual along with shaved ice and outdoor movies.

And if you're wondering if Jared partakes...he goes in the other room with headphones in or flees to the nearby park with the dogs so he doesn't have to listen that's how much he hates it. And I'm pretty sure he shed a tear when he heard that there was going to be a 10th season while I screamed up and down I was so happy. Anybody else have the same reaction? Or immature addiction?

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Katie A. said...

Haha! That is funny! I was the exact same way with one tree hill!!! Rob doesnt care too much for mine. although I had a hard time with it after lucas and peyton left.