Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lie ONE of pregnancy

The first falsehood of pregnancy I'd like to call out: You will have luscious gorgeous locks of plentiful hair that you didn't have prior to pregnancy.


Actually most of the pregnant women I've talked to have not noticed a reduction in hair loss, but normal or even increased amounts of shedding.

I have definitely fallen into the later category of increased amounts of hair loss probably due to the fact that my body now calls for an increase in protein and since my body can't easily provide it, it takes all the protein intake it gets that would normally have gone to my hair and nails and has redirected it. Which of course is in the best interest of the baby, it just kind of messes with your head when you were expecting one thing and another happens.

Thank goodness I am finally being able to eat meat slowly a little at a time. Chicken for the first time since I got pregnant yesterday. And I was actually craving steak earlier today so this could be more hopeful for my hair situation if I can increase my protein intake. 

Maybe someday near the end of my pregnancy I'll see those gorgeous luscious locks people tell you about.

^^^ I used to have hair like that. Hopefully soon again ^^^


The Culbertson's said...

Oh the lies you hear about pregnancies! I broke so many of these 'rules of what to expect' and different things for each pregnancy! Glad you are starting to feel better and continue to improve. And watch out for old ladies...they think they are soooo helpful with their observations and suggestions ;)

Lexie said...

This is me too! It stopped shedding at first but now it's back and worse.
I drank chocolate protein shakes the first couple of months for breakfast when I couldn't stand meat. Something to try!

Erica York said...

I didn't get thicker hair during pregnancy until the very end and it wasn't really that much of a difference. I didn't feel like my hair was any more healthy either. I've heard the reason for healthier, fuller hair is because of the prenatal vitamins but I had taken prenatals for a year before getting pregnant and it didn't really change my hair.

However, now that I'm not pregnant I'm shedding A LOT more than I was before. My hair shedded during pregnancy but not as bad as it is now!