Monday, August 19, 2013

24 Weeks

Week: 24

Weeks Left: 13 until full term, 16 until due date

Stretch marks: NONE yet!

Belly button: The biggest update of the week is that my belly button finally popped out. I don't feel like I've gotten much bigger, but apparently I have.

Sleep: Surprisingly sleeping through the nights has become more frequent, I haven't had middle of the night potty calls as much which is honestly nice to not have disturbed sleep. As much as I can get before he comes. However it's already become painful to sleep on my back which is how is my 'fall asleep position' so I'm going to have to train myself to fall asleep on my side.

Cravings: loving my Cafe Rio on a weekly basis if not more frequently. Basically whenever I can talk Jared into it. And ranch, if you give me a bag of chips and ranch dip I could eat the whole thing in one sitting...yes, healthy I know!

Weight Gain: Officially twelve lbs. gain. At least I haven't lost weight since my last appointment, the Doctor will be happy about that.

Clothing: Officially can no longer fit into ANY of my church clothes. I was able to make some of my longer dresses work until a couple weeks ago, now I officially need to go get some larger/longer dresses. This bump makes all my dresses about four inches too short in the front.

Daddy: Finally got to feel a really good kick from this mister about a week ago, which has been rare, since he wiggles more than kicks a lot. But the kicking is increasing so by the time he's ready to come out I may be bruised on the inside from him.

Big news this week: I graduated from college! Can't even begin to say how happy and relieved I am that its over and I don't have to worry about it anymore!!! Now I can focus completely on getting ready for this little one.

 With my dear sweet parents who paid and supported me through my college career,

and my wonderful husband. I think he was more excited about my graduation than I was!

And my huge-ish bump. I forget how big it is and frequently have difficulty getting through skinny spaces like I used to be able to. How can it get any bigger?!


Katie A. said...

Congrats on graduating! That is so exciting! What a great accomplishment!? Way to go!

ashnicole said...

Congratulations! That is so so awesome, I'm jealous ;) And you look so cute. It's crazy how different everyone carries babies, I swear my belly was the same size at 37 weeks as yours is at 24. Can't wait to see what your little man looks like!