Sunday, August 25, 2013

Home Owners

So you know that mortgage that you dream of and yet fear all at the same time when you're renting?

Yeah, we finally dove head first into one. We love our cute little rambler with it's ginormous backyard and beautifully freshly updated kitchen. But most of all we love the notion that this is where we will bring home our little one, where he will take his first steps, and where I will spend many sleepless nights with him. But first of course we have to finish and decorate the nursery, which I'm incredibly excited about!

 I will update with before and after photos as I get the house put together, and as we upgrade certain things. We've already got a list of desirable updates, home ownership sure is expensive (but I'd rather put money into our house than someone else's renting)!

Unfortunately this doesn't have the house in it, but I will post a picture soon.

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Katie A. said...

How fun and exciting! I can't get over how cute you guys look In front of your new home! You and your pregnant belly! I am excited to see your house and all the things that you are going to do with it! Also can't wait to meet your little guy!